Why it’s important: Woman raise awareness about Human Immunodeficiency Virus

An unnamed woman standing in the footbridge connecting LTR 1 to LRT 2 is currently making waves throughout social media.

Based on a Facebook post, the brave woman publicly revealed herself as a Human Immunodeficiency Virus positive and a depressed person to raise awareness about the sexually transmitted infection and importance of mental health.

So, in line with it, why is it important for you—and to all Filipinos out there—to know about these two socially relevant issues today? Why do we need to talk about it? Why should you—or we—care about it?

Importance Of Raising Awareness

To those who are still unaware about it, this sexually transmitted infection has become a global concern for the past years. The Philippines alone is not an exemption.

In the Philippines, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus has become an epidemic that even the Department Of Health (DOH) and several non-profit organizations are taking further steps to address it.

And because the number of new infections in the Philippines is constantly increasing, it ‘s important to be knowledgeable about to further prevent the virus from affecting more people in the people.

Aside from that, having knowledge about it will also likely to lessen the ongoing stigma and discrimination that comes with it.

Related Stigma And Discrimination

Whether you admit it or not, many people have fears, prejudices, and negative attitudes towards the virus. More people living with it are more likely to be insulted, rejected, gossiped about, and excluded from any social gatherings and event. And its extreme, the stigma and discrimination could lead to physical violence.

Human Immunodeficiency Linked To Depression

With all these said, people living with the virus would often feel nervous and restrict themselves to the things they previously do. Some people are even shunned by their family, peers and the wider population in case they found out about it.

These can lead to isolation and feeling unsupported, which can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing.

What You Should Do?

The answers are just simple. If you’re active, always practice safe intercourse and get yourself tested regularly.

It’s also important to be knowledgeable about it in order to raise awareness. It would also lessen the stigma and discrimination attached to it.

Here’s the actual video below:

Posted by Pamela Shayne Gozo on Monday, December 10, 2018

Source: Facebook 
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