Watch: Pizza hut service crew and customers dispute over safety policy

The customer is not always right.

A Facebook user by the name Olin Ovlac posted the video of the shouting match between customers and a service member on December 26 and had been making social media rounds since then.

The squabble occurred at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, before the Magic on Ice performance. It started when a middle-aged couple tried to order popcorn from Pizza Hut. The female employee redirected them to the line at the next store since the restaurant chain does not sell popcorn. When the next customer was accommodated, tempers flared.

The final straw was when the sales representative retrieved the cap from the bottled water they purchased. Apparently, bottle caps are not allowed within the dome as part of their safety policy. Apparently, people throw bottles on stage, and capped ones, especially with water, can be dangerous to the performers.

Majority of the comments sympathized with her and criticized the family’s behavior.The netizen also expressed concern for the crew member and said:

“Guys hindi ibig sabihin na customer tayo parati na tayo sa tama.. Napapagod din po ang mga sales sa dami nating bumibili.. Kaunting pagunawa sana.. Huwag murahin ang mga sales representative.”

Watch the video below:

Posted by Olin Ovlac on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Source/s: Facebook
Photo Source/s: 1 – 16 [Facebook]