Netizen shares fitness journey after losing 29 kilograms in five months

For many years, society has put on a lot of pressure when it comes to women feeling confident and beautiful. Most of the standards of beauty has mostly been based on women we see on television and or billboards. Evidently, beauty standards have become difficult to attain by an average woman. On Facebook, netizen shared her journey on weight loss.

From 85 kilograms Angel Raighn Flores lost 29 kilograms in a span of five months. Her now weight of 56 kilograms has made her feel more confident and beautiful. However, she admitted that she never really expected it to happen.

Like many others who want to lose weight, Angel had a very difficult time. Starting a weight loss journey means having to deal with tons of temptations. In Angel’s case, she would start a diet for a week but had a hard time continuing due to food temptations. She wrote:

“Sobrang supportive ng family ko sa akin. Everytime na nag a-attempt akong mag diet noon, yoga matt, dumbbells, yoga ball, jumping rope, treadmill, twister, ganon. Naiipon dahil everytime na sasabihin kong diet na ako, nag papabili ako ng mga ganyan hahaha tapos yun nga bibiguin ko nanaman sila.”

She also experienced what most overweight people experience. Every school activity, her costumes were tailored specifically to fit her. When riding public transportation, she would often sit for two people. Angel also expressed that she didn’t go out much because of it. Worst of all, she also received a lot of criticisms.

It was through a transformation post of Abigail Galang Rebong that she again decided to go to the gym with her friend. She only went to the gym for a month but continued with her no rice, no meat diet. She also stayed away from eating fried foods.

Angel Raighn Flores’ weight loss journey has become an inspiration to those who also want to be fitter and healthier. And although weight is not a true standard of beauty, having great health definitely is. With her story, we are reminded to keep pushing ourselves towards our goal. No matter how hard and no matter how many times we fail, if we don’t give up, someday we will be able to achieve that goal.