Motorist caught on video stealing a motorcycle also causes accident

A netizen named Joco Rio shared a post on Facebook that recently went viral. His post was of a motorist who did not just steal his father’s motorcycle but also dragged him on the road in his attempt to drive away.

Furthermore, in his post, he also stated how the thief caused an accident by hitting a sedan car, specifically a new Vios. Joco is now asking for the netizens help to locate or identify the thief on his post. Luckily, in just four hours, his post was able to reach  24 thousand shares with almost 4 thousand reactions.

On Facebook, Joco wrote:

“RIDER ALERT : MotorNap and Cause an Accident.
Patulong mga sir mahanap tong tao na to. Nakabangga ng sasakyan New Vios Along Roosevelt infornt of Shell Before Frisco. Iniwan nya Motor nya TMX which is Tingin namin at ng Pulis is Carnap din. Hinabol at kinausap namin para huminto dahil tinakbuhan nya yung Nabangga nya. Tmawag ndin ng Barangay to Stop him pero Sinubukan nya din carnappin ung Motor ng Tanod. And Last na Carnap nya is ung Motor ni Tatay kinaladkad at Nilaglag si tatay. Last Seen EDSA MUÑOZ. With Plate Number 7923 UJ (Tatay’s Bike) hindi ko na nailiko dahil masikip ung daan nilusot nya.
Taga Paltok daw sya sabi nya. Pls SHARE. Kawawa si tatay at ung tinakbuhan nya. Thanks.”

One of the videos attached to the post was of them trying to talk some sense into the thief after the incident he caused. He was bruised and had blood on his face but refused to stop and talk to anyone. Even after the incident, he was still trying to get away, leaving the driver of the Vios and the motor he stole on the road.

Netizens immediately reacted on his post. Many of them said how he possibly let the man go away considering that he was already bruised and that they were still in a motorcycle. What about you? What are your thoughts?

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Posted by Joco Rio on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Posted by Joco Rio on Thursday, December 27, 2018