LOOK: Celebrity Look Alikes!

With the abundance of celebrities in the world of entertainment and show business industry, it is not impossible for some of them to have some resemblance and look alike each other, in one way or another. Here is a list of top 10 famous celebrities who can be considered as look alikes! Scroll on to see!

1) Morisette Amon and Sarah Geronimo

Both conveniently singers too, with the first a The Voice Philippines contestant, and the other our very own Pop Princess. They have similarly shaped faces.

2) Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre

The two have always been compared from the get go. Especially for people who are not fans of at least one of them. The two share a similar smile, eye shape and nose. Don’t get us wrong though, they are both their own person and are beautiful individually as well!

3) Glaiza de Castro and Angel Locsin

This has been rather undeniable. The two are almost interchangeable. Both are great actresses in their own roles of selection.

4) Bea Alonzo and Bela Padilla

If you look at first glance, they almost look like they are twins. But then again, once you get to know their faces more it becomes apart that they are both beautiful and unique to each other.

5) Joshua Garcia and Alden Richards

Both are boy next doors. Both have that youthful charm, and gleaming eyes. Both are rising stars as well!

6) Inigo Pascual and Yong Muhajil

The son of Piolo Pascual and the former PBB teen housemate can pass as brothers, especially with the way their eyebrows are styled and their facial structure being similar as well.

7) Regine Velasquez and Angeline Quinto

The two may be born into different generations and occasions, but there is no denying that they look similar! Perhaps even like twins! They are also both incredible singers who have thrived in the industry very well.

8) Maris Racal and Elisse Joson

Not only do they share the similarity of facial structures, but they are also both alums of the reality based television show, Pinoy Big Brother.

9) Maxine Medina and Coco Martin

There’s one celebrity look alike that perhaps none of you are expecting. But this has been made pretty apparent after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano star pretended to be a woman for the television show.

10) Franklin Drilon and Juana Change

They look like the female and male counterparts of each other if you look closely!

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Source: YouTube