Expectation vs. Reality: Mother complains to dressmaker for her daughter’s disastrous gown

This mother wanted her daughter to have the gown of dreams for her debut. Months before the grand day, netizen Ydal contacted a dressmaker, which she calls Mai to make an exact replica of the gown based on the designs she sent through private chat.

Although it took Ydal quite some time to find the perfect inspiration for the debut dress, she and her daughter settled with two gown designs. The first one was a long back off-shoulder dress in serenity, while the other was a rose quartz ball gown.

The hands-on mom kept in touch with the tailor on the following months before her daughter’s debut. Since Mai said she’ll only do the labor, Ydal was the one who brought the clothing needed for the gown to come to life. Before buying yards of satin in Divisoria, she asked if it was the right fabric, and Mai approved of her pick.

For the paid amount of almost PHP5,000, Ydal hoped that the dresses will turn out as planned. To her surprise, the outcome was far from what she expected. As seen in the actual photos of the gowns worn by her daughter, it actually looked far different from the style inspiration she gave.

Given that Ydal gave her enough time to sew the dress into perfection, she couldn’t believe that the dress she paid for just went to waste. Her daughter did not even use it on her 18th birthday celebration. She quickly complained about it to the dressmaker, however, Mai only placed the blame to the fabric Ydal purchased.

In her defense, Ydal bought the inappropriate cloth that’s why the dress won’t turn out exactly like the original plan. Meanwhile, Ydal also pointed out the tailor’s mistake when she did not let her know the right fabric to buy.

SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCE: 1-38 Facebook