Duterte to Peter Lim: “I’ll kill you”

President Rodrigo Duterte again threatened Peter Lim during a speech at a campaign rally of the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan rally in this Negros Occidental.

“Peter Lim if I see you, wherever it may be, I will kill you and I will go to jail for it,” Duterte told Lim who has gone into hiding after a warrant of arrest had been issued against him for alleged involvement in drugs.

To recall, Duterte threw repeated tirades on Lim. In February, the alleged drug lord was told by the President to “never surrender to me alive.”

“Peter Lim, if I were you, I would commit suicide. Never ever surrender to me alive… I-abbreviate mo na. Ikaw na magtali sa leeg mo,” Duterte said following his signing of the Universal Healthcare Act.

“Whether he is in or out of the Philippines we do not know that for sure,” he added.

The President said he is convinced that Lim is involved in illegal drug trade.

He said that “many evidence” link the Cebu businessman to drug activities.