Beauty Gonzales defends herself to her haters

When you become one of the most famous celebrities in the present generation, it is completely normal to have people who are very critical of everything you do and decide on. Kadenang Ginto actress Beauty Gonzales is very much aware of this as plenty of people have been very vocal about their opinions on her latest sultry photos which she uploaded and shared over her Instagram account.

Beauty Gonzales recently uploaded the photos of her in a stunning two piece bikini on her Instagram account. Beauty is also a mother now and has an adorable daughter. Some netizens failed to understand the essence of carrying a child in your womb for 9 months and hence reacted rather negatively to the said post. She captioned her photo with “Basking gloriously in this dappled Sunshine but in reality currently bracing ourselves for a typhoon to hit. Rain or Shine Beach is Life” which, as of of this writing has 64,608 likes on her Instagram account.

One of the netizens took the liberty to comment that Beauty Gonzales has been enjoying uploading her hubadera photos and encouraged the Kadenang Ginto star to start wearing her clothes. Beauty Gonzales took none of it, and replied the following “Ikaw, pakita ka naman! Para mag enjoy 14 followers mo?! Please? [smiley emoji]

Another person also took the liberty to voice out his or her concern about Beauty Gonzales and how tiring it is to be seeing her “pasty body.” Beauty Gonzales then replied to the person “aww, d mo na kaya? Sige, my next post is especially dedicated to you. Sana wag ka na ma tired.”

Her fans and followers were quick to add to her defense claiming that if they are unhappy with these photos then they are very much free to unfollow her or at the very least, mute her. Some of those netizens also expressed the dedication she has to keeping a very fit body.

Beauty Gonzales–born Christine Marie Gonzales–is a Filipina actress who rose to prominence after nabbing the 4th place in the reality based television show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus back in 2008–a show that was aired on ABS-CBN. She is presently married to Norman Crisologo who is an art curator. They have been married in 2017 in a beautiful ceremony in Tagaytay.

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Source: Instagram