Autopsy report reveals gruesome details about murder of Cebu teen

More brutal details were revealed after experts were able to conduct an autopsy on the remains of Christine Lee Silawan, the teenage girl who was found half-naked and with face skinned to the bone in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.

Authorities said that the victim was stabbed on the neck, nine times on her upper extremities, and 20 times on different parts of her body.

It is also believed that the suspects poured acid on the victim.

Silawan’s internal organs are intact but her tongue was missing, as well as the skin on her face and muscles in her neck.

The autopsy report also showed that the victim was not raped, even though her body was found naked from the waist down.

“Nakalapit po ako personally doon sa bangkay, wala pong nag-emit na foul odor na indicative na may acid,” P/Col. Lemuel Obon was quoted as saying.

Moreover, police found an underwear as well as other belongings near the crime scene.

However, they believe that it was the suspects’ way of derailing their investigation since the items do not belong to the victim.

As stated in previous reports, police have already tagged an unnamed man as the primary suspect.

They believe that Silawan knew her killers personally because they had an exchange of messages.

The bounty for any information that will to lead the arrest of the killers reached P1.6 million.