Andrea Brillantes is the next big thing, and people are obsessed.

Andrea Brillantes is definitely one of the up and coming artists of this current generation.Of course, because the actress is currently a sensation to most fans, they too want to see her more and more. This has prompted her huge following to scour the internet for more stuff about her, and as well as put her under a microscope so that they may be able to witness things that she is currently doing. They even found someone who looks like her!

She is freshly minted as the kontrabida [or antagonist] of teenagers after bagging the role of Margaret Bartolome in the afternoon television series titled Kadenang Ginto. In the said television show, the young star shares her stage with new comer Francine Diaz, Beauty Gonzales, Albert Martinez, Dimples Romana and Adrian Alandy.

For example, things such as the feeling of being able to slap during her first kontrabida role has even been reported by news outfits like “Back when I was still at the receiving end of slaps, I would tell my coactors to do it for real because this helps me release the emotions required for the scene,” the young actress had explained. “I would say, the harder I get slapped, the better. But now that I’m the one who slaps, I would often hesitate. I just don’t feel comfortable hurting other people,” she added.

“How does one become a good kontrabida? I really don’t know how to answer that. I learn by observation. What’s funny is that my young coactors, those who play my classmates in the series, swear that when the director shouts ‘Cut!’ I effortlessly go back to my normal self. For me, it’s easy to switch because Marga and I have completely different personalities,” Andrea even said.

More interestingly, people have even found someone who they claim to be a look-a-like of Andrea Brillantes. With the success that she is currently receiving, it’s very normal for her fans and viewers to keep finding her in other people. At the age of only 15, the young star has achieved so much. She also embodies the persona of an older lady, which is perhaps why some people took the liberty to compare her with

a young model identified as Ashley Wong. Fans were quick to pinpoint that they share some similar physical features like having the same round eyes. They took this as something to be very mesmerizing. Here are some more photos for you to tell for yourself!

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Source: Pilipinofeed