Alessandra de Rossi sports newly shaven head during premiere night of her new film

Actress Alessandra de Rossi is not only talented but is beautiful as well. Her morena skin make her stood out among the crowd in addition with her model-like height.
After her hit movie ‘Kita kita’ with Empoy Marquez, Alessandra made another buzz when she surprised everyone during the premiere night of her new movie ‘Through Night and Day’. Last November 12, 2018, in the premier of her new movie, Alessandra sported her newly shaved head, according to ABS-CBN News.

A lot of people were surprised with what Alessandra did because for the past days she has been posting photos of herself in her Instagram account with a long, wavy platinum blonde hair.
Aside from that, people were accustomed on seeing her in television with a medium length to long black hair. This is what her hair was in the duration of her show ‘Since I Found You’ with actors Piolo Pascual and Arci Munoz which started in April and concluded in August this year.


During the premier night of her new movie ‘Through Night and Day’, Alessandra showed up wearing a black sleeveless top with minimal make up, and her new hair style.
In a video posted by ABS-CBN News in their twitter account, it can be seen that during the premier night, Alessandra was with her sister Asunta who was candidly playing and touching her little sister’s hair. She was also with Heart Evangelista, who keeps on smiling while staring at the new look of Alessandra, and hugged her lightly afterwards.


The sudden change in her hair style sure surprised a lot of people in a society where everyone is looking forward to the new hair or new look reveals of celebrities. However, she refuses to answer on why she chose to shave her head.

Despite the different reactions from the people, fans of Alessandra keeps the vibe positive as hey showered their idol words of encouragement by calling her ‘brave’, ’beautiful’, ‘stunning’ among others according to ABS-CBN.


Society saying women should grow their hair long is now a thing of the past. Women have the right to choose on how they want to look and where they are comfortable. This is a way of expressing themselves more.
‘Through Night and Day’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide according to The movie revolves around the story of the couple who went to Iceland together, however conflict arises during the duration of their stay in that country.

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Source: ABS-CBN