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A Guide To Help You Pick The Right HPLC Column

HPLC is a popular method of separating biomolecules in complex samples. A column is used to apply the samples. HPLC columns are of different types making it difficult to identify the right one. Read on for you to know what you need to have in mind when selecting HPLC column.

It is vital you give consideration to the separation mode when picking HPLC. Molecule separation happens in different ways. Most commonly used methods are ion exchange, normal phase, reverse phase and hydrophilic interaction.

The column length is an important consideration. You need first to decide on the column type for you to identify the right length. The length will be determined by your samples and separation mode. It is essential for you to select a length that will offer balance between resolution and analysis time. Don’t make an assumption of making a choice based on previous experiements, you may end up not choosing the appropriate length.
It is essential you give consideration to the size and type of column particles. In most cases HPLC columns are in spherical shape. The size and type you choose will depend on how complex your samples are. It is essential you consider the column design. Choose a brand that offers accuracy. Research is vital for you to identify the different brands of HPLC columns that are in the market.

Use the internet and view the different models of HPLC columns that are available. You need to select a brand that will offer performance and value. Check online reviews to get more details about the various brands. Choose a brand that many people trust. Compare the specifications of different brands for you to make an informed decision. Narrow your search by selecting at least two potential brands.

Cost is an essential factor when selecting HPLC column. The rates vary based on the brand. The price is determined by the quality of the products and the specifications. Go for brands that fit your needs and make price comparisons. Ask potential manufacturers from quotes. You will get a reasonable budget. Avoid HPLC columns that come at a very low rate. It shows that they may not give you accurate results as expected.

Training and maintenance shoule be considered when choosing an HPLC system. It is essential you think about your needs as well as applications. Your experience will also determine the HPLC column you pick. Go for a system that will not require a lot of extensive training and support. You need to identify a brand from a manufacturer who will give you support in case of any technical problem. Choose a brand that is of the best quality for accuracy and efficiency.

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