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Tips to Follow When Looking for Online Examination Invigilation Services

It is common for people to take exams. The reason why exams are given is to test how knowledgeable a person is. Most are the times when exams are administered in test centers with the use of pens and papers. However, there are sometimes when this is not possible. It can be hard to administer an exam in a test center during a pandemic. When this is the case, the option that people are left with is to have the exams administered online. With such, people can take their exams no matter their location.

There are a number of people who think of cheating in exams just because they are being administered online. As part of the examining body, you need to think about how you will do to ensure that people do not get involved in online examination cheating. Online invigilation services come in handy during such times. An online invigilator can invigilate a person taking an exam online without both of them being in the same location. It is through an audio, video and screen share connection that an invigilator is able to invigilate. With this, he or she will be able to monitor all the activities done by the person taking the exam during the examination time.

There are two types of online invigilation that a person can choose from. An examiner can decide to go for the option whereby whatever is being done by the person taking the exam during the examination time is recorded and later reviewed by the invigilator. In case the person taking the exam does something inappropriate, an action is taken by the examining body. Such type of invigilation is not the best if the exam being taken is highly sensitive. Real-time supervision is the other invigilation type that can be used. Supervision occurs during the exam with this type of invigilation. In case you need to invigilate an online exam, go for the best online invigilation services. If you need to choose the best online invigilation services, put a number of things into consideration. Some of these guidelines are mentioned below.

Consider the stakes involved when looking for online invigilation services. If the stakes involved are very high, you need to go for the most sophisticated and foolproof online invigilation services. Standard online invigilation services are the best if the stakes involved are moderately high.

Consider the type of online exam being done when making a choice of online invigilation services for you to choose the best. Go for online invigilation services designed for the specific type of online exam you are giving. Consider the things mentioned above when looking for online invigilation services.

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