Teen uploads selfie, finds doppelgangers from all over the world

17-year-old Santana Gutierrez was amazed enough to find someone who looked exactly like her. Nothing could've prepared her for the avalanche of doppelgangers introduced to her after she uploaded this selfie.

Newborn baby was found abandoned inside a storm water drain amid colony of red ants

An infant was found abandoned inside one of the storm water drains in South Africa. The newborn baby's survival was hailed as a "miracle" after it was found that she was left amid a colony of stinging red ants.

Pregnant Woman Receives Ire After Slamming Couple Inside A Train

This pregnant woman receives the taste of her own medicine.

Amazed tourists interact with a whale while on vacation

These tourists got their money’s worth when a whale encountered them on their boat.

Woman regrets changing self to resemble boyfriend’s favorite adult film star

This 22-year-old woman from Hong Kong willingly went under the knife to look like her boyfriend's favorite adult film star. Now, she regrets her decision.

Diamond miners finds 500-year-old shipwreck containing gold worth PHP6.6 million

Lucky diamond miners that were working in Namibia, Africa came across a 500-year-old shipwreck named Bom Jesus that contains gold worth £9million.

Social experiment shows how many people would stand up for homeless guy being robbed

In 2014, Youtuber Coby Persin set up a social experiment in an attempt to find out how many people would stand up for a homeless person whose alms were being stolen by random strangers. Coby, along with his team “Model Pranksters,” began the video by asking: “What would you do if you saw a homeless … More

Longan fruit causes the death of a young boy

A kid dies after choking on a longan fruit. This story should act as a cautionary tale for every parent and adult out there.

Certified playboy meets his ultimate match in Secret Files

This true-to-life story from Secret Files will surely tug at your heartstrings. A certified playboy finally met his match, but how will they turn out in the end?

“Yan ang karma”- Legal wife angry at gold digger mistress for leaving her husband

This is your not-so-typical love triangle. A legal wife complained to Raffy Tulfo because her husband's gold-digging mistress left him.

Here are 20 facts about the tragic sinking of the Titanic

When we hear the word “Titanic,” the first thing that comes to mind is the movie starring a young and handsome Leonardo DiCaprio and the beautiful Kate Winslet. The terrifying and depressing events in this iconic movie made us wish that it was only a film. But sadly, the cold deaths of hundreds of passengers … More

Netizen warns public about fraud seller in an online shopping platform

Lou M. Jose, a female netizen took to Facebook to detail her harrowing online shopping experience with a fraud seller in the online shopping platform, LAZADA.

Furious father blames ‘careless’ doctor for his newborn son’s broken arm

This furious father came to light on social media after his newborn son's arm was fractured because of an allegedly careless doctor.

This foreigner’s wife debunks “gold diggers” misconception about Pinays

Regina Hoover took to Facebook to write about her relationship with her foreigner husband–and it challenged the bad image Pinays get when dating Americans.

Meet Addie Manzano, Edu Manzano’s gorgeous daughter with star potential

Edu Manzano is proud to introduce his only daughter, Addie Manzano, who just might follow the footsteps of his celebrity father.

Furious relative blames hospital interns for the death of his young nephew

The grieving family of a three-year-old boy who passed away is asking for justice for his untimely passing. Relatives of the child alleged that he was mishandled by the hospital interns.

Gorgeous female pilot stuns in her yoga photos taken all over the world

A beautiful female pilot has gained international online fame for her stunning around-the-world yoga photos. Maria Pettersson from Gothenburg in Sweden has over 500,000 followers on Instagram!

Man gets reunited with his beloved car 20 years after reporting it stolen

In 1997, a German man left his beloved Volkswagen Passat parked in the garage of a building in Frankfurt, Germany. However, upon going back to the parking area to get his car, he couldn't find it at all. Reported as stolen, the police never found it. That is, until 20 years later.