Naive mom won’t accept teen daughter’s pregnancy, doctor replies brilliantly

Despite raising kids as best they can, parents can never be always sure that their children will be honest about everything. This is especially true if they reached puberty and at the phase of trying

Facebook user vows to never wear a sunflower top again

In this age of the internet and social media, trends spread quickly like wildfire. From music, films, television, makeup, and fashion, everything under the sun, sometimes even beyond the sun, can trend. One fashion trend that

Siblings find treasure inside their grandfather’s attic

Mike and Maria Lopez are like most kids who didn’t believe their grandfather’s crazy stories. Often, they assumed that such stories were only meant to entertain them. But after cleaning their grandfather’s attic, they soon realized that the stories were fact and not fiction.

Take a look at this Russian couple who looks like identical twins despite their different genders

In 2014, Allison Brookes and Alina Davis turned heads after the two wed looking like identical twins and wearing the same exact bridal gowns. But, one of them is actually a man. Guess who?

This Woman Walks Around The Streets Of Manila To See If Men Would Harass Her!

Kami published a social experiment wherein a woman walked around a Manila slum in broad daylight.

Abused woman reveals former lover’s tendency to hit her

Nothing hurts more than realizing that the person you love turns out to be a monster. Apart from the physical wounds, it's the unsuspecting betrayal that pierces the heart the most. It's unfortunate that we've

Check out why this female Malaysian bank employee is trending on social media

We usually open a bank account to save our hard-earned money. However, Malaysian men went to the bank for another reason.

30-year-old son who refuses to move out was sued by his parents

Are you tired of your parents asking you to find a job? Probably. But how about them asking you to move out? Most likely is no. Because most Filipino parents would never want their beloved

This social experiment will tell you everything you need to know about unwanted attention on the streets

Despite others passing it off as normal, unwanted attention on the streets is and will never be okay. Ask any woman you know, and chances are, they've already experienced being catcalled, flashed, or touched without consent in

Netizen reveals the ridiculous scam he experienced at a well-known mall

Do you feel your heart race when you see the red sign saying "SALE" whenever you're in a department store? Does the thought of spending less than the original price excite you? Well, a certain

Meet Maria de la Luz, a 70-year-old woman who claims to be pregnant

While we still get surprised when it comes to teenage pregnancy, what more would we feel if we find out a woman deemed too old for her age becomes pregnant? Believe it or not, a

Model experiences wardrobe malfunction when a man accidentally rips off her gown at Cannes Film Festival

A plus-size model gets the shock of her life as she experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the red carpet event of Cannes Film Festival

Take a closer look at the morphing Devil’s Finger mushroom

Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. They are the main body of fungi that commonly grow in soil. Some mushrooms are edible, like the well known Agaricus bisporus, or button mushrooms. However, some mushrooms are lethally

Raffy Tulfo helps mother fix problems with husband and son

For a mother, there is perhaps nothing worse than to be abandoned by her very own family. Case in point, a woman named Rosanna Fortunato shares her experience. Rosanna was forsaken by her eldest son and, to make

Teenager shocked after pulling out a centipede from his ear

A 14-year-old teenager from Arkansas was left shocked after he pulled out a centipede from his ear.

Angry netizen shared how her hard-earned money was stolen from her

Every Filipino aspires to have a financially secured future. We doubt that there's anyone here who wants to be plagued by debt and unpaid bills. Indeed, parents encourage their kids to save as much as

Jessica Soho finds out if money eaten and damaged by termites is still useful

Saving money is part of becoming financially responsible with your income. As earning a living becomes harder each day, it's only right that we prepare for the future. But sometimes, unfortunate things happen that can take all

Lucky Single Mom lives in a rent-free house for 9 years

A hard-working single mom got a lucky break from paying rent for nearly a decade when the city forgot she was living in her house.

Deaf groom gets emotional as the sight of his soon-to-be wife using sign language

A beautiful bride wanted to make her wedding more special by dedicating a song to her deaf groom. Having learned sign language months before the wedding, she performed a song which left her soon-to-be husband in tears.

Take a look at another couple fight inside the jeepney

In 2017, the #NababaliwNaAkoSayoBeh jeepney fight video of an unknown couple went viral. And it seems like the trend continues as another couple was recorded quarreling inside the public utility vehicle. Yesterday, a video of a man