A netizen shares story about finding a “voodoo doll”

In Filipino folklore, most people still customarily believe in the idea of hexing — more popularly known as "kulam" or "barang". To begin with, hexing is an old practice of sorcery that uses black magic to direct

Ynez Veneracion reveals she’s had some plastic surgery

Ynez Veneracion admits that she has had some work done on her bosom and hips but is a bit nervous when it comes to other cosmetic procedures.

Young wife mourns the passing of her husband due to a road accident

It's always difficult to process the sudden passing of a loved one. After all, how can anyone deal with the thought that they are never going to see their loved one ever again? This was

Young man is in an incestuous relationship with his own mother

A young man recently admitted in an anonymous Facebook post that he is in a relationship with his own mother. According to him, he was 16 when he first fell in love with her.

YouTuber experiences paranormal anomaly while exploring mine

Undeniably, wandering inside a century-old, deep, narrow tunnel might appear like a very weird interest. Apart from the lurking dangers — high explosives, loose rocks, and scattered sharp objects. There is also the possible encounter with a

Model goes on Tinder date wearing nothing but body paint

Body painter Jen Seidel sent one of her models on a Tinder date wearing nothing but body paint.

Remembering the incredible weight-loss journey of a woman who used to weigh 660llbs

A woman from Oregon, USA used to weigh 660 pounds. Now she finally gained confidence in herself and body because of her incredible weight-loss journey.

Unfaithful husband and sister-in-law commits forbidden affair

There is nothing else nastier and messier than a rocky marriage. It becomes even nastier if it’s ruined by the infidelity committed by a married person and his or her spouse’s family member. Scorned wife,

True or Untrue? Another ghost sighting at the Diplomat Hotel

Another Facebook user claims that a “ghost” was photographed with his aunts during their visit at the Diplomat Hotel. Take a look and see for yourself if it was indeed a ghost sighting!

Newcastle mom Laura Watson losing sleep after ghost appeared on her children’s photo

A mother from Newcastle, Laura Watson, recently took her two children, Byrin and Charlotte, and their cousin, Jack, on a supposedly fun trip to a park. Little did they know that it would be a

Dahlgren Acierto transforms from lesbian into beautiful woman

A former lesbian who used to wear rubber shoes and men’s clothes, now wears dresses and heels. Check out the story of Dahlgren Acierto here.

Meet Yanet Garcia, a fiery Mexican weather girl who will heat up your screens

Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia will heat up your screens. Check out these photos and you will surely want to follow her on Instagram afterwards.

This Man Planted Thousands Of Trees After His Wife Died And After Several Years, They Were Left Amazed

It was back in 1962 when a couple named Janet and Winston Howe got married. Their neighbors described them as a happy couple who never got tired in showing how much they love each other. They remained happy and strong for years!http://www.manilareaders.com/2017/09/matapos-mamatay-ang-kanyang-asawa-ay.html

Throwback Picture: James Reid And Nadine Lustre Gained Mixed Reactions After This Photo Went Viral

It's no secret that James Reid and Nadine Lustre's love team is one of the most popular love teams of today's generation. A lot of people loved the way their love team transformed from that 'sweet' and 'innocent' love team to a 'wild and daring' one.

Twitter user asks for retweets in exchange of her baby’s life

Last year, one Twitter user who was “pregnant” sickeningly asked for other users to retweet her post or she would end her baby’s life.

Abandoned child found between two tombs in Quezon cemetery

Residents of Candelaria, Quezon were disturbed by the incessant crying of an infant. When they investigated where it was coming from, their search brought them to a cemetery. It broke everyone's hearts when they came across

Three men jumps into tiny hole in the ground

Three young guys jump into a tiny hole in the ground to the amazement of viewers

PWD discrimination by Cubao mall guard caught on cam

PWD discrimination is still a pretty big problem everywhere in the world. In the Philippines, the situation gets really bad. Very few workers in the service sector know what to do when they encounter a

‘Super Slim Lady’ turns into ‘Super Sexy Lady’ when she discovered out about the gym

Most people who suffer from anorexia tend to believe that they are useless and that they are no good in the world. What they all didn't know is everything's just a matter of perspectives.

Check out 20 gorgeous red carpet photos of Meghan Markle

Below are 20 of Meghan Markle’s most gorgeous red carpet shots.