Big food platter surprise turn into shock of horror with scary snake prank

Regardless of anyone’s nationality, social background, or stature in life, we can all agree that our real friends are some of the people who truly know us. Some of them we’ve shared most of our

Be Vigilant: A Warning to Girls Who Commute on a Daily Basis

Women these days are considerably luckier than the those in the past. With the evolution of their roles in society and movements that fought for their equal rights, women are more empowered in this generation. It

Netizen dedicates parting message to his long-term former girlfriend

A Facebook post of netizen Red Herrera has gone viral after he composed a lengthy letter dedicated to his ex-girlfriend.

Isang Lalaki Ang Naliligo Sa Ilong Ng Bigla Na Lamang Hinila Ng Isang Malaking Ahas Na Muntik Niyang Ikalunod

A man rescued his friend from a snake wrapped around his leg which caused him to almost sink.

Isang Nawalang Barko Noon Ang Bigla Na Lamang Nagpakita Sa Dalampasigan Matapos Ang 80 Years Na Pagkawala Nito

Coronado, California residents found an amazing discovery after the coast was clear from El Niño. In 2016, El Niño hit the coast of Coronado, California. As expected, the weather brought massive damage to the entirety of

Isang Lalaki Bugbog Sarado Nang Mahuli Siya Ng Kaniyang Misis Na Nakikipagsayaw Sa Isang Seksing Babae

Emotions run high as wife got ahold of her husband in a plaza dancing with a woman dancer in Spain.

Parang hindi kadugo! Isang Anak Huling-Huli Na Sinasaktan At Minumura Ang Sarili Niyang Ama Na Sobrang Ikinagalit Ng Mga Netizen

Just in recently, an actual footage of domestic violence against a father and his son spread on social media instantly.

Actual Footage: Isang Babaeng Nagrenta Ng Ferrari, Aksidenteng Naibangga Dahil Sa Sobrang Kasiyahan

One of the best and most well-known cars in the world is the Ferrari. It is popular for its horsepower, speed, and beautiful design. It is also considered as one of the most luxurious cars

Young mother heartbroken to lose newborn infant right after her painful labor

A young mother named Daniela Jeremias was heartbroken to receive the news that her newborn infant suddenly passed minutes after she gave birth to it.

‘Hustisya para sa kuya ko’ Isang Lalaki Viral Matapos Mangyari Ito Sa Kaniya Habang Nasa Kalsada

A man slipped at the side of the road when he was about to throw the garbage out. The video attracted many netizens and made it yet another Facebook viral.

‘Nakakikilabot!’ Nakunan Ng CCTV Ang Isang Nilalang Na Umaakyat Sa Ika-2 Na Palapag Ng Bahay Na Wala Man Lang Kahirap-hirap

Jump scares from spine-chilling movies can definitely make any person scream anytime. These types of films have dropped jaws of audiences with other scary elements throughout the years. It can as well leave an effect

Nakakapanindig Balahibo Ang Video Ng Batang Ito Nang Makuhanan Ng Kamera Ang Kusang Paggalaw Ng Kaniyang Manika

Girl was caught in a supernatural encounter while playing inside the house.

Ghost jumping into a pond recorded in a video

A silhouette of a boy which led many to believe is a ghost was caught in a video uploaded online.

This hunky bus conductor will make your bus ride an instant joy ride

Filipino commuters suffer every day from the terrible Manila traffic. On weekdays, the busy streets of the Metro get congested by both public and private vehicles all rushing to get to work on time. Fortunately,

Ghost or trick? Playground swing filmed moving on its own

With the advent of social media comes countless horror story posts and ghost sighting videos. Weirdly enough, a number of these videos features swings on playgrounds moving on their own. Similarly, just a couple of days

Father from Michigan Builds 2-Storey, Life-Sized Doll House For Two Daughters

It is every little girl’s dream to have their own beautiful doll house where there they can play with their toys. However, a father from Michigan took things to the next level when he built

These longtime best friends find out they are actually brothers!

How would you love it if your best friend actually became your sibling? Well, these two friends recently found out that they are actually brothers!

Meet the supercentenarians who lived past 110 years old

People take advantage of the fact that life is short by trying their best to live as best they can. True enough, the World Health Organization Confirmed in 2016 the worldwide life expectancy of 72

The determination of a young boy to live honestly inspires his mother to do the same

It's not easy to stay true to yourself especially if it goes against society's standards. Everyone's been presented with a mold that they are required to fit into. However, we cannot blame those who believe