Contestant’s talented father gets standing ovation in “Tawag ng Tanghalan”

The "Tawag ng Tanghalan" judges couldn't help but applaud after hearing the golden voice of a male contestant's talented father.

This aspiring supermodel is slaying the internet for all the right reasons

People on social media couldn't help but admire this young aspiring supermodel whose photos went viral on Facebook. Check them out below.

A transgender beauty queen attends military conscription day in Thailand

A transgender beauty queen named Yoshi Rinrada attended the mandatory military lottery day in Thailand - and people were stunned at this gorgeous LGBT beauty queen. Click on the story below!

Angry netizen rants about cheating boyfriend on Facebook

A female netizen took to Facebook to rant about her cheating boyfriend, as well as the guy's friends. She gave these words of advice to women whose boyfriends often drink out with friends.

Girlfriend’ sweetest revenge to a cheating boyfriend

An anonymous sender narrated how she discovered the day her boyfriend for 4 years cheated on her.

Kiray Celis, May Nakakabighaning Transformation!

Kiray really made noise because of her transformation.

44 killed in a plane crash in Denver, authorities finds a disturbing discovery in an old woman’s luggage

the plane’s system or the pilot is at fault. On November 1, 1995, 39 passengers and five crew members were killed as the United Airlines Flight 629 left from Denver, Colorado that suddenly burst into flames. Unfortunately, officials can only pinpoint the cause of tragedy from the luggage of a 53 year-old woman. The same … More

Creepy images: a paranormal anomaly or an abnormality?

A Facebook user claims to have seen a creepy silhouette of an old woman and a kid in a series of photos she took. Check out the images she was talking about here!

Video of husband hitting his wife in public goes viral on social media

A concerned netizen condemned a husband on social media after he was caught being abusive to his wife in public over an argument involving his jeepney.

Fisherman Helped Dead Shark To Give Birth

He is indeed a great human.

This Boy Found An Insect Inside His Ear

For most of us, proper hygiene is very important. People value this so much that they purchase different products to maintain the cleanliness of their body. From head to toe, they are really obsess at making sure that there is nothing wrong with them. But what if you just found out something unusual inside your ears even though you are sure you maintained your hygiene? That’s the case of this 14-year-old boy named Grant Botti who woke up to an extreme pain of his ears. The pain so severe that he had to check himselr what is happening. He and his mother were shocked to find a 4-inch long centipede making his ear its home. They ran to a hospital to examine the damage that the insect brought him. Upon examination, doctors found abrasions inside his ear. There is no definite information about how the centipede got its way to his ear but mentioned that he went on swimming outdoors. His doctors speculated that he kust have gotten that insect there. He was given proper medical treatment. This is not the first time that such unfortunate incident happen. A 48-year-old woman from Taiwan reported to have found a wrighling maggot inside her ear canal. Although there is no exact information about how these insects could get into your ear, experts are reminding the importance of proper hygiene.

Man catches intruder after setting up hidden camera in his home

This guy set up a hidden camera to investigate why the food in his fridge mysteriously vanishes.

An anonymous confessor shares how he sold his girlfriend’s virginity

An anonymous confessor decided to air his sins to the world as he opened up about selling his girlfriend's virginity because he needed cash.

Graduating student takes own life after school didn’t allow him to go up on stage during the ceremony

A graduating student in Pampanga reportedly took his own life after the state university he was enrolled in did not allow him to go up on stage during the graduation ceremony due to incomplete grades.

OFW in Kuwait seeks help after being denied salary for 14 years

Corazon Uyaw spent the last 14 years working as an OFW in Kuwait. She finally heads back to the Philippines -- penniless. Uyaw allegedly did not receive any salary for her years of service.

This Waterfront Home comes with a decent price tag, but is not for the faint of heart

Listing down the pros and cons of living in this Waterfront Home would take more than an afternoon. Would you want to visit it?

Meet Ella Mae Layar, the girl who made her impossible dream, possible.

This is an inspiring story of a girl who has finally made her impossible dream possible after bagging the title “Queen of Beauty on Wheels” 2018.

A clever black cat named Midnight saves baby in danger

Once upon a time, a bewildered kitten found it's way in front of the home of a married couple. Fast forward, the black cat became the lucky charm of the married couple.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Buy your essentials from ‘Tindahan ni Rapunzel’

Given the witty moniker "Tindahan ni Rapunzel," this image of an odd sari-sari store, which is obviously located completely out of reach, became an instant online sensation after generating a whopping 9,000 reactions and 8,000 shares on Facebook.