This Hot Lady Goes Viral for Being a Model Even if She’s Chubby, Earns Praise for Body-Positive Image

A chubby girl from Thailand is changing everyone’s perspective on models

El Niño storms unearths “sin ship” on the California Shore

Violent storms usually leave nothing but destruction in their wake. Broken homes, damaged properties, and sometimes the ending of lives are only some of the results of such calamities. But for the residents of Coronado,

The Art of Sabit: This Chinese commuter brought out a plunger in a bus!

A Chinese commuter got a lot of buzz from the internet when she brought out a plunger in her daily commute.

Florida woman finds out that a cockroach was inside her ear

Have you ever heard the phrase, "sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite?” How about, sleep tight and don’t let the cockroach get inside your ear? Now that’s an ear-ie (sorry, not sorry)

Facebook user left with major #CrustIssues due to poorly-made pizza

Everybody loves pizza. And for those who say that they don't, stop lying to yourselves. Who can resist this delectable creation? Everything about it is mouth-watering, from its enticing scent, to the melted cheese, to the

Facebook user goes viral for her revelation in graduation post

In the months of March, April, and May, graduation posts and photos flood social media. We can’t really blame netizens for it. Graduation has got to be one of the biggest milestones for any student.

Heavy Metal: You Wouldn’t Believe What This Patient Had In Her Stomach Thanks To Metal Bezoar

Woman who had metal foreign objects in her body left doctors puzzled – explained due to a condition called metal bezoar.

Ark Two: Man turned 42 school buses into a nuclear fallout shelter

During the peak of the cold war many years ago, there was no guarantee that nuclear war wouldn’t break out. Today, with North Korea controlling a nuclear weapons program it might be time to spruce up the old bomb shelter. While the commotion between America and North Korea’s not settled yet, we are far from … More

These Celebrities Look Like They Are Not Suffering From Anything.

These Celebrities Look Like They Are Not Suffering From Anything.

Alleged jeepney pervert caught on camera while staring at female passenger

This alleged jeepney pervert was caught on camera as he gazed at a female passenger. Check out the entire incident in the video below.

Husband caught cheating set up by his wife

What happens when you set up a plan to investigate if your husband would cheat on you? Michelle who’s been married with a man for 5 years put her husband to a test.

Netizen Katrina Paraiso shares selfies with spooky photobomber

Bothered netizens have mixed reactions regarding these selfies shared by Katrina Paraiso. See, a ghastly photobomber has been caught in the background. Paranormal activity? Power of photoshop? Claim to fame? You be the judge.

Trapped teen leaves heartbreaking message to mother before perishing inside van

A trapped teen, who suffocated to his demise after getting stuck inside his minivan, left a heartbreaking message to his mother just moments before he perished.

Remember These Celebrities Who Died Unexpectedly

These are the celebrities who died suddenly.

Contestant’s talented father gets standing ovation in “Tawag ng Tanghalan”

The "Tawag ng Tanghalan" judges couldn't help but applaud after hearing the golden voice of a male contestant's talented father.

This aspiring supermodel is slaying the internet for all the right reasons

People on social media couldn't help but admire this young aspiring supermodel whose photos went viral on Facebook. Check them out below.

A transgender beauty queen attends military conscription day in Thailand

A transgender beauty queen named Yoshi Rinrada attended the mandatory military lottery day in Thailand - and people were stunned at this gorgeous LGBT beauty queen. Click on the story below!

Angry netizen rants about cheating boyfriend on Facebook

A female netizen took to Facebook to rant about her cheating boyfriend, as well as the guy's friends. She gave these words of advice to women whose boyfriends often drink out with friends.

Girlfriend’ sweetest revenge to a cheating boyfriend

An anonymous sender narrated how she discovered the day her boyfriend for 4 years cheated on her.