Young boy gets stuck between two pipes for hours until dad comes up with solution

There are times when the only people who can fix a child's mess are their parents. We all have gotten into some sort of mischief and expected our mother and father to bail us out.

Underground city of Derinkuyu found underneath a man’s house

Who knew that an underground city was waiting to be discovered underneath a man's home? Back in 1963, a Turkish man living in Cappadocia wanted to renovate his home. When he tore a wall down, he

French priest shocks the whole world as he suddenly slaps a crying child during a baptism

In an attempt to keep a crying child quiet, a French priest did the unthinkable. Most of us think that these men of God are the most peaceful, non-violent human beings to live on this

Archaeologists uncovers the most important Ancient Egyptian artifact in the middle of the slums

The ancient Egyptian civilization was one of the most prominent and influential early civilizations in mankind’s history. In fact, the early Egyptians were one of the most advanced civilizations in the ancient world. Many historians

Raffy Tulfo witnesses a love story between young people that resembles the tragic tale of “Romeo and Juliet”

Sometimes, love isn't always the right way to go. Case in point - a young man housed his 14-year-old girlfriend because she didn't want to stay at her parents' house anymore. It was a foolish

China Cojuangco alarmed over the violent private message directed towards her four-year-old daughter

Never doubt that any mother is a lioness, when it comes to protecting their child. China Cojuangco is a reserved person but when someone targeted her daughter, the claw were definitely out. It turns out

Netizen’s post about his nephew’s heartbreak and depression goes viral

A netizen took to Facebook to share what his nephew went through in an attempt to raise awareness on depression. Entitled "Walang Forever", Junno Miranda Sarmiento narrated in detail how his nephew battled heartbreak. According to

Netizen shares her negative experience about being a godparent

Have you ever been chosen by your friends or family members to become a godparent to their child? If yes, then you know how important your role is in your godchild's life. However, some people

Indonesian woman swallowed whole by a giant python

INDONESIA -- A 54-year-old woman, identified as Wa Tiba, ended up being consumed by a giant python while she was out gardening in the village of Persiapan Lawela on Muna Island near Sulawesi. She failed

Elderly woman wants God to take her because she’s tired of all the hardships

Doesn't it break your heart to see weak, frail senior citizens work extremely hard just to survive? This sentiment is shared by a Facebook user named Che Positive upon seeing an elderly woman work despite

Environmental campaign “Project Alagaan” slams irresponsible tourists who took coral as souvenirs

Traveling shouldn't just be about sojourning and indulging in a touristy area, taking snapshots or purchasing mementos at a locale's shop. Remember, responsible traveling is a must or else you'll be contributing to the ruination

New Orleans couple stuns doctor by having triplets both naturally and artificially at the same time

The amazing developments in the realm of technology has opened us to new experiences. We're continuously breaking barriers and expectations. A couple from New Orleans who were anxious about not having children were blessed with triplets

Lucky fisherman finds $100-million pearl, hides in under his bed for a decade

A lucky fisherman found a huge pearl yet decides to hide it under his bed for 10 years not knowing how much it is worth.

Jealous wife in Vietnam violently batters husband’s “mistress” with fish sauce and chili powder

On June 14 the Daily Mail reported on a spicy, salty and violent confrontation between a jealous wife and her husband's alleged mistress. The victim was a 30 year-old beauty spa owner from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam,

Infuriated old man slaps female passenger who refuses to give up seat 

When it comes to public transportation, it is an automatic gesture for most people to give up their seats to elderly people, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. Be it a man or woman, there is

Man who complained to Raffy Tulfo gets the tables turned on him

When you are in need of help, Raffy Tulfo is the man you run to. His tireless desire to help and amazing connections are great assets to possess. However, don't be fooled into thinking that the

Famous make-up artist presents drabby-looking female guard with a makeover!

A famous make-up artist named Pan Pan decided to give a drabby, tired, and plain-looking female guard with an amazing makeover!

Teen mom entombs her newborn infant deep underground

Brazilian authorities received unbelievable news from an anonymous informant about a 15-year-old mother who entombed her newborn infant deep underground. Police officers from Mato Grosso received the distressing call on June 5. Luckily, they were able to

Netizen share’s Sister’s secret pregnancy at 16

Yesterday, June 12th a netizens shared a post on Facebook the secret pregnancy of her 16-year-old sister and how she gave birth. On the night of June 2, the netizen saw her 16-year-old sister in the

This woman marvelously restores her grandma’s abandoned farmhouse

An abandoned farmhouse doesn’t sound or look like it’s going to hold up really well, but that didn’t stop a woman from Boise, Idaho from reviving her grandmother’s house that’s almost half a century years