This hunky bus conductor will make your bus ride an instant joy ride

Filipino commuters suffer every day from the terrible Manila traffic. On weekdays, the busy streets of the Metro get congested by both public and private vehicles all rushing to get to work on time. Fortunately,

Ghost or trick? Playground swing filmed moving on its own

With the advent of social media comes countless horror story posts and ghost sighting videos. Weirdly enough, a number of these videos features swings on playgrounds moving on their own. Similarly, just a couple of days

Father from Michigan Builds 2-Storey, Life-Sized Doll House For Two Daughters

It is every little girl’s dream to have their own beautiful doll house where there they can play with their toys. However, a father from Michigan took things to the next level when he built

These longtime best friends find out they are actually brothers!

How would you love it if your best friend actually became your sibling? Well, these two friends recently found out that they are actually brothers!

Meet the supercentenarians who lived past 110 years old

People take advantage of the fact that life is short by trying their best to live as best they can. True enough, the World Health Organization Confirmed in 2016 the worldwide life expectancy of 72

The determination of a young boy to live honestly inspires his mother to do the same

It's not easy to stay true to yourself especially if it goes against society's standards. Everyone's been presented with a mold that they are required to fit into. However, we cannot blame those who believe

Traumatized netizen shares her horrific experience in Hong Kong airport

A traumatized woman's dream vacation suddenly turned into a nightmare - and she hasn't even left the airport yet! Grace Ann Bartolome was so excited to go to Hong Kong with two other friends. She shared

Meet Autralia’s caveman Angelo Mastroprieto and his famous rock house

The invention of robot vacuums, solar panels, and central heating are proof that life is easier with technology. It makes people do chores faster without even breaking a sweat. Almost everyone dreams of having a

This Indonesian graphic artist’s deceiving work will make you look twice!

Indonesian graphic artist Syahril Ramadan gained fame in the internet after many of his edits went viral. See them for yourself!

Millionaire claims he has hidden treasure in the mountains worth $ 2 million

At some point in our lives, we have all heard stories about hidden treasure. While some were purely works of fiction, there are also quite a number of tales which turned out to be true.

Alleged dwarf standing on a tree caught on video in Cebu

Akin to what we see in supernatural movies or television series, this man from Alegria, Cebu captured a video of an alleged dwarf standing on the branch of a tree. In his video, kids were spotted

Heartbreaking truth revealed when bus creep gets taken to the police

Just when we thought that nothing can get worse for this bus creep, a heartbreaking truth was revealed. A young woman shared her scary experience with this malicious man while commuting home. Due to exhaustion,

Talyer Bae from Cavite woos thirsty netizens with his hunky body

Car troubles are one of the worse things that could happen to any driver but getting your engines fixed by this good looking mechanic from Cavite is probably one of the best things that could

VIRAL: Two women gets into an altercation after one was allegedly irritated by the other’s body odor

Social media is full of candid videos of people getting into weird confrontations. There seems to be a huge demand in seeing people get into ridiculous situations. May it be a public fight, a scandal,

If you see your pet head pressing you should take it to the vet

Head pressing is when an animal stays with its head pressed to a wall or other hard surface for prolonged periods. It might seem cute at first, but this can be a symptom of various diseases.

‘Ghost’ baby appears in cot cam, convinces mother that her child is haunting her

"I was a sceptic for the longest time, but after witnessing what I have, I have no choice but to believe that my house has a ghost." That is what Melissa Smith (not her real name)

Tricycle driver accused by teacher of having ill intentions was mistreated by the police

A tricycle driver named Romy Napire Jr. nearly escaped a fatal experience with the Caloocan police. After running away from the local authorities, Romy found himself in the radio show of Raffy Tulfo. The complainant recalled

“Hyperactive” graduating student brings life to graduation ceremony

After years of painstakingly tending to your duties as a student, wouldn’t you be ecstatic to finally graduate and bid farewell to your anguishes in school? Clearly, this graduating student was so thrilled to get

Netizen on Facebook: “Thank you God, our almighty creator”

We will never know when certain misfortune will enter our lives. Sometimes it's a simple accident or a really serious unfortunate event. But what is important is to appreciate life and trust in God our almighty

Young woman doesn’t know that a middle-aged creep was secretly taking pictures of her

Sometimes, monsters can hide behind innocent faces. This way, most of their victims will never know what hit them until it's too late. Take, for example, the story of a young woman who was completely unaware