Raffy Tulfo helps mother fix problems with husband and son

For a mother, there is perhaps nothing worse than to be abandoned by her very own family. Case in point, a woman named Rosanna Fortunato shares her experience. Rosanna was forsaken by her eldest son and, to make

Angry netizen shared how her hard-earned money was stolen from her

Every Filipino aspires to have a financially secured future. We doubt that there's anyone here who wants to be plagued by debt and unpaid bills. Indeed, parents encourage their kids to save as much as

Jessica Soho finds out if money eaten and damaged by termites is still useful

Saving money is part of becoming financially responsible with your income. As earning a living becomes harder each day, it's only right that we prepare for the future. But sometimes, unfortunate things happen that can take all

Lucky Single Mom lives in a rent-free house for 9 years

A hard-working single mom got a lucky break from paying rent for nearly a decade when the city forgot she was living in her house.

Deaf groom gets emotional as the sight of his soon-to-be wife using sign language

A beautiful bride wanted to make her wedding more special by dedicating a song to her deaf groom. Having learned sign language months before the wedding, she performed a song which left her soon-to-be husband in tears.

Take a look at another couple fight inside the jeepney

In 2017, the #NababaliwNaAkoSayoBeh jeepney fight video of an unknown couple went viral. And it seems like the trend continues as another couple was recorded quarreling inside the public utility vehicle. Yesterday, a video of a man

Man was shocked to meet the unlikely creator of a beautiful shed-like structure in the woods

While a tourist was taking a stroll in the forest, a small shed-like structure caught his attention. Upon observation, he met the unlikely creator of the meticulously-made nest.

Canadian house turns out to be a well-maintained vintage paradise

Some houses aren't what they seem. Houses with bland exteriors sometimes hides the true beauty found within. Take, for example, this seemingly ordinary Canadian house that was recently put up for sale by its 96-year-old

Man didn’t expect to find tiny fishes inside the mouth of his expensive Arowana

According to Good Times, the Arowana fish, whose scientific name is scleropages formosus, is a truly remarkable fish. These beautiful fishes are considered "living fossils." A type of this species first appeared on Earth 79 million

Buyers of vintage home sold by 96-year-old grandma impressed by how well it was maintained

Do you like all things vintage? If yes, then this property in Toronto, Canada will impress you to no end. It was so well-maintained it might as well have been frozen in time!

Meet Manop Nuttayothin, the man who has two beautiful wives

Know the story of this Thai who went viral after one of his wives posted a photo of them on Valentine’s Day

Bride, groom serenaded by ‘Catholic Flashmob’ on wedding day

Bride and groom were serenaded by the “Catholic Flashmob” on their wedding day.

New York couple returns hidden treasure found in their backyard

The kindness and honesty of strangers never fails to amaze. Such was the case with this couple in New York who returned over $50,000 worth of treasure they found in their backyard.

Stadium watchman catches a ghost on camera, makes him quit his job

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, some people continue to claim to perceive supernatural elements. An Argentinian security guard named Raul Arguello recently posted the video that has shaken the internet. He captured an alleged

Babies by the bucket: woman gives birth to quintuplets

A baby is deemed a blessing for most married couples, while twins are considered a miracle. Ft for Jamie and Skyler Scott, they were gifted with quintuplets. Yup! That's a lot of babies, five if

Priest goes viral for wearing casual outfit during christening

The Christening rite or the baptism is an important milestone in a Christian child's life. Christian parents take pride in witnessing this sacred ceremony, as their baby becomes recognized in the eyes of God and the church.

“Kind-hearted” woman allegedly found this abandoned baby, turns out she’s the mother

Parenthood is such an easy word to read, but is actually a hard thing to do. Of course, becoming a parent is hard work. That's why a lot of "accidental" parents have the tendency to

Baby boy born with white hair continues to shock and amaze netizens

Hungarian baby boy named Bence continues to amaze the online community with his inborn striking white hair.

Facebook user’s photo of his puppy will surely make you look twice!

Puppies are the cutest and most innocent beings there could ever be. It is a common knowledge that there's basically nothing we can do to make a puppy look any less cute or unappealing. But apparently,