YouTuber experiences paranormal anomaly while exploring mine

YouTuber experiences paranormal anomaly while exploring mine

Undeniably, wandering inside a century-old, deep, narrow tunnel might appear like a very weird interest. Apart from the lurking dangers — high explosives, loose rocks, and scattered sharp objects. There is also the possible encounter with a paranormal anomaly.

Even though it might sound ridiculously unbelievable, the YouTube channel “Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places” still went for it. As a matter of fact, they even conducted an exploration in the middle of the night.

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In a lengthy video posted on their YouTube channel, one member named Frank — no surname —  went for the adventure and tried to test a high-end flashlight inside a 150-year-old abandoned mine shaft called Waldeck Gold Mine located deep in a forested canyon in Western Australia. 

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As seen in the footage, the lone YouTuber seemed unbothered by the bone-chilling ambiance of the location. Taken on a stormy night, he started exploring the man-made tunnel while reviewing the luminosity of the “ThruNite TN12 Flashlight”. 

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Here is the description:

“Okay, this is a review and a demonstration of the ThruNite TN12 Hand-held Flashlight that you see here. The on and off switch is on the tip, which is a large button and easy to push. The silver button you on the top here is what you used to cycle to the five-light levels – firefly mode, low mode, medium mode, high mode, and turbo mode.”


However, Frank suddenly heard creepy sounds — that some speculate to be a paranormal anomaly. A ghost’s whisper — at around the 12-minute mark of the footage. At first, he just thought it was a gushing sound brought by strong winds. Eventually, the lone explorer had enough. Even for this intrepid explorer, this was too much and he decided to get out.


In case you want to see the entire video, watch it below!

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