Young wife mourns the passing of her husband due to a road accident

Young wife mourns the passing of her husband due to a road accident

It’s always difficult to process the sudden passing of a loved one. After all, how can anyone deal with the thought that they are never going to see their loved one ever again? This was the sentiment expressed by a young wife who mourned the passing of her husband. Her viral Facebook post told the heartbreaking of how her baby daughter will never get to see her father anymore.

This female netizen was completely shock after losing her significant other from a road accident. The man said that he was going to be home late because of overtime. But it turns out that her husband lied and went out drinking with friends.

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Here’s what she had to say:

“Hindi ko maiwasan sisihin yung sarili ko kung bakit ka nagsinungaling sken, kase kung sasabihin mo naman yung totoo hindi din naman kita papayagan uminom. Napaka bait mong tao daddy.”

It appears that the young wife’s husband had two other people riding with him on the way home. But since they were intoxicated, his passengers decided to fool around.

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“dapat pinag tricycle mo nalang yung dalawang angkas mo [emoji]
edi sana hindi ka nila hinaharot habang nag mamaneho, 
edi sana hindi nila tinakpan yung mata mo habang nag dadrive ka,
edi sana kasama kapa namin ng anak mo
edi sana wala kaming ipapalibing sa linggo edi sana makikita mo yung pag laki ng anak naten”

Unquestionably, the wife’s anger and disappointment at what happened was very palpable. Who wouldn’t be enraged at the thought that your loved one is now gone because of other people’s mistakes? In spite of her grief, there is nothing she could do but to say one final goodbye.

Read the whole Facebook post below:

At this point, take the time to read some of the netizens’ comments to the story:

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Source: Facebook

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