Young man is in an incestuous relationship with his own mother

Young man is in an incestuous relationship with his own mother

A young man recently admitted in an anonymous Facebook post that he was in a relationship with his own biological mother. According to him, he was 16 when he first fell in love with her. The story can be traced back to a Facebook page called “Rizal Vines”, written by an author under the pseudonym Matt.

Matt started his post by saying, “Girlfriend ko si mama.” He narrated how his mother gave birth to him when she was only 14, adding that she constantly suffered physical abuse in the hands of her husband. Despite this, however, Matt’s mother refused to leave his father.

When Matt turned 16, he started having feelings towards his own mother. He shared:

“Noong 16 na ako, doon na ko nakakaramdam kung paano magmahal. Pero wala akong nililigawan. Wala kasi akong makitang babae na katulad ni Mama. Hanggang sa naisipan kong si Mama na lang kaya ligawan ko. Tutal si Papa doon na umuuwi sab ago niyang pamilya.”

Matt then shared how his mother was initially mad at him upon finding out how he felt about her, but she eventually acquiesced. Eager to please, Matt decided to work while studying so he could buy her presents. Every day when he gets home, he would give his mother chocolates and flowers, promising her that they would start their own family once he finishes his studies.

Matt ended his post with:

“3rd year college na ako. At si Mama busy sa pagbebenta online. Masaya kami. Sobrang saya. Mahal na mahal ko ang mama ko na magiging asawa ko din. Masama man sa mga mata niyo, pero nagmamahalan kami.”

Needless to say, netizens were less than pleased, if not disgusted, by the anonymous son’s confession. While it remains unclear if the story is true or not, one thing is for sure: incest is and will always be taboo.

Source: manilaflash

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