WATCH: You will never guess the ending of this video on Facebook

WATCH: You will never guess the ending of this video on Facebook

Most of us always expect an unforgettable and impressive ending whenever we are wanting random videos on the internet. Be it sad or funny, most of us always look forward to finishing what we are watching because we think that ending will always be the most impactful part of the whole narrative.

Recently, a lot of netizens got a mixed reaction after watching this hilarious video on Facebook. As seen on the short clip, it showed a man trying to break a hollow block by only using his bare hands. He kept on calculating his actions on how he would do such an impossible stunt with his bare hands.

But at the end of the footage, the impression that he will not successfully break the said material really shocked a lot of netizens. To their surprise, they did not anticipate that the man would use a hammer to break the hollow block.

Netizens, on the other hand, expressed their sentiments towards the hilarious video. Most of them were entertained and they did not expect the silly plot twist in the end while the other netizens were infuriated and did not find it very amusing. Some netizens even cussed at the man and said that they wasted their time watching his foolishness.

“Wow ang galing ng talent mo. Dahil dyan bigyan natin kita ng palakpak. Klap, klap, klap!”

“Kala ko matapos nalang iyong video. Hindi niya pa rin babasagin. Iyon pala may nakahanda na sa likod.”

“Para hindi masayang oras deretso ka na sa comment box. Malalaman mo agad kung ano palabas niya.”

“Napakahusay mo utoy. Martilyo gang. Woah amazing.”

“Ginalingan. Siraulo ito. Nasayang lang mobile data ko. Pak u! Lab you! Grabe sinong ang nagkala niyan. Gago walang natuwa sa ginawa mo.”

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Facebook

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