WATCH: Netizens record a waterspout in Subic Bay

WATCH: Netizens record a waterspout in Subic Bay

We are all aware that natural disasters are far more being desirable or wonderful. As we all know, an earthquake, typhoon, volcanic eruption and the likes always cause great damages to our infrastructures. Moreover, it also put our lives at great risk. However, this particular natural phenomenon—a waterspout—brought delight to the residents of Subic, Zambales.

In an interview, the head of Subic Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Danilo Macamay relayed to several news media outfits that the waterspout was formed over Subic Bay at around 3: 30 PM.

The residents, on the other hand, took out their cellphones to capture the breathtaking moment.

To those people who don’t have any idea about it, they might perceive the waterspout as a tornado. But to better explain it to you, a waterspout is an intense columnar vortex that usually happens over a body of water.

Although it was called a waterspout, this particular natural phenomenon is not actually filled with water from the lake, ocean, and sea. It usually comes from the cumulus clouds— a type of large cloud with a flat bottom and fluffy tops—which later descends from a nearby body of water.

Moreover, it doesn’t really spout from the water but rather it is formed when there is great condensation in that particular cloud. But how was it formed?

To further explain it to you, there are five stages of waterspout formation. It always started when the surface of the water takes on a dark spot wherein the vortex reaches it. It will later form light and dark bands from the dark spot.

As it progresses, it will eventually form an eye which is similar to a typhoon and hurricane. Later on, after it successful sustained its strength and power, it will now turn into a mature vortex. It is said to be the most intense state of the waterspout. Lastly, it will slowly vanish into sight when the warm air enters the vortex.

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