Watch: Isang Lalaki, Huli Sa CCTV Matapos Nakawin Ang Panty Na Nakasampay Sa Bakuran

Watch: Isang Lalaki, Huli Sa CCTV Matapos Nakawin Ang Panty Na Nakasampay Sa Bakuran

The internet is home to different kinds of stories which will entice your curiosity. There are a lot of bizarre, strange and unusual stories in social media and people just cannot help but let it circulate and penetrate more. If you will be using internet for a whole straight day, you will discover things beyond your imagination.

Just recently, GMA magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’s report about the mysterious disappearance of ladies’ underwear in Guimaras went extremely viral. There are a lot of netizens who shared their different speculations of what happened. Some of them think that the mysterious thing was done by a person probably experiencing serious mental condition. Meanwhile, there are others who believe that a strange creature might be doing this.

According to the report, it has been 18 years when residents in Guimaras experience disappearance of their underwear. However, it was just recently when they discovered a sack full of panties. The authorities and the residents do not have any idea who the person behind this strange act might be.

In connection with KMJS’ previous story, a video showing a man strangely grabbing ladies’ underwear in the middle of the night. The footage was reuploaded by several Facebook pages. At the beginning of the video, a man can be seen lurking from the dark. It seems he was checking out if there are people in the area. When he is confident that no one is there but him, he carefully find the right timing to perform his bizarre act.

He slowly walked towards a couple of underwear hanging outside a house. When he grabbed the underwear, he smelled them and ran away immediately.

There is no sufficient data or information saying that there is a connection between the video and the incident in Guimaras. Facebook pages that reuploaded the video did not include any information where the video was taken place.

The video sparked different comments from the netizens. Some of them consider the act as something alarming and according to them, the authorities should be handling the problem because this may seem a senseless thing but there might be a major underlying issue present.

Watch the video below:

Here are the comments from the netizens:

SOURCE: Facebook


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