WATCH: Husband caught dancing with someone else!

WATCH: Husband caught dancing with someone else!

Luis “Lucky” Manzano is a famous son of renowned actors Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos. Manzano is a multi – talented actor, host, and model known for his shows “Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal,” “The Voice,” Family Feud,” and “I Can See Your Voice,” to name a few. He is also the loving boyfriend of Jessy Mendiola, another multi – awarded and well – loved Filipina actress.

But on top of all of his roles, he is also the all – around prankster and goofball among his friends. This can even be seen being carried on to his social media accounts where he posts memes, jokes, and funny videos to make his fans and followers laugh.

For his latest Instagram post, he posted a short video clip showing one man enthusiastically moving and grooving on the dance floor. The man in the blue polo can be seen dancing with a lady in a black dress.

But just as he was getting into the rhythm of the song, a blonde woman in a pink dress – who happens to be his wife! – pulls him by the front of his shirt towards her and away from the lady in a black dress.

The video abruptly ended there but many netizens were left laughing at the whole scenario. Manzano’s post immediately gained thousands of views and likes and hundreds of comments. Some even shared their own similar experiences.

“Nasa disco kami at iniwan ko asawa ko sa first floor kasi hinahanap k kaibigan namin.. si girl lumapit sa asawa ko at nag tanung, Hi can we dance? Sagot ni Mr. No! I don’t think my wife is happy if I dance with someone else. BOOM! MGA MALALANDI! Buti loyal si Mr.” one netizen shared.

Watch video here

What did you think of the video? Have you been in the same situation or witnessed it yourself? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!

Source: Instagram

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