WATCH: Cockfight refereed by a dog

WATCH: Cockfight refereed by a dog

Cockfighting is a quite an old sport and very famous to different countries. It is setting two cocks to fight with each other and is usually held in a cockpit. It was in the classical times when cockfighting originated and was then popularized in various countries. It is illegal in some countries because people are betting money for the fight but still, many people practice this kind of sport.

The fight is usually organized with a referee in order to make sure that the match between the two contenders will be fair and equal
But what do you think will happen when a cockfight is refereed by a dog? Can you imagine how hysterically funny would it be?

Just a week ago, you may have come across a video that is circulating in the internet in which two chickens are seen fighting with each other. But the thing that made the video become a hit was when a black dog became an unwanted referee of the two chickens.


The dog can be seen running back and forth scouting the fight. The chickens started to flap their wings and jump with each other aggressively like in a real cockfight. Whenever fighting stops, the dog acts as the referee by biting and pulling the chickens’ tail in order to restart the fight.
The video went viral and currently has a total of 404K views, 3.1K likes and 8.1K shares.
Some netizens loved the video and here are some comments from them:
“Not an easy job to be a ref”

“Go guys, action.”

If some of you still happen not to come across this hilarious video, you should take a look at the video and get a laugh! Here is the video:

Watch video here:

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