WATCH: Breathtaking Honey Harvest From The Beehive

WATCH: Breathtaking Honey Harvest From The Beehive

Bees play a very important role in our ecosystem. Bees main role in different ecosystems is their pollination work. The production of various seeds, fruits and berries greatly depends on pollination and bees are one of the major pollinators among many pollinating insects. Bees are known to be extremely hairy compared with other insects and this is what they used in catching their pollen which is highly effective. After catching the pollen they transfer it between male and female parts which gives way for the plants to grow seeds and fruit. Their hive is divided into three groups: the queen, workers, and drones. The workers do most of the work in building and protecting their hive. Workers are the only bees we see most of the time flying around outside the hive. If ever the queen bee meets their end, the workers are responsible for creating another queen from selecting a young larva.

Aside from being major pollinators, bees are also famous for making honey. It is a misconception that all bees make honey because among more than 20,000 species of bees, only the honey bees make honey. They are very hard working as they never sleep and work as much as they can.

So how do bees make honey? A sugary liquid called nectar is extracted from flowers using their tube shaped tongue and store it in their stomach with other enzymes for preservation. When they return to their hive they pass it on with the other bees until they finally deposit it into the honeycomb. After that they reduce the extra amount of water from the honey by fanning it using their wings to speed up the process of evaporation making the honey thick.

Honey is not easy to harvest. It is too much work considering the risk of getting stung by bees. In a recent viral video uploaded, we can see how honey hunters harvest honey from beehives.

It is seen in the video that the man climbed up to a great height. He is covered with protection to avoid getting stung and moved carefully closer to the beehive. After he reached his desired range, he swiped the beehive eliminating the bees from the hive. Then he took out a plastic bag and put in the bag. Many netizens were surprised and amazed with the bravery of the honey hunter

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