Waiter treats a young mother rudely and regrets right after what happened next

Waiter treats a young mother rudely and regrets right after what happened next

People say “What goes around, comes around.” Treating people nice should not feel like an obligation at all. What most people don’t realize is that karma has its way of biting back whether you did something good or bad.

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One day, a mother carrying her baby went inside a restaurant looking for something her baby could drink. Unfortunately, the restaurant only served carbonated drinks and there was no way she was going to let her child drink those for he was too young. After desperately looking around, she found a water fountain. Convinced that it was safe enough for her son to drink, she approached a waiter, asking if she could have some water. The waiter then responded, “Do you have a glass?” the mother answered no. The waiter refused to let her drink from the water fountain.

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“Can I please use the restaurant’s glass? I’ll pay for it.” The mother said. “My baby is really thirsty.” She added. The waiter told her to buy one of the soft drinks. The mother explained that her son was too young to drink those things, only for the waiter to ignore her and walk away to serve another customer.

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Later in the day, the mother was at home having a chat with her neighbors, telling them what happened at the restaurant. Her neighbors, hearing how she was treated, got mad and promised to never go to that restaurant again. To the mother’s luck, one of her neighbors was teaching at a school near the restaurant. The teacher then warned her students never to step foot on the fast food resto if they didn’t want to be treated the same way. It then turned into a chain reaction.

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It was business as usual for the restaurant the next day. On normal days, the restaurant would be filled with customers. But on that very day, it remained empty, with only a few people coming in and out to buy takeaway food. The restaurant even offered promos and discounts in order to gain customers back but they all did it in vain. Soon, neighboring restaurants opened, causing the fast food restaurant to go bankrupt. All because of a glass of water.

Kindness is and will always be free. Treat others with respect and dignity, and you will be treated the same.

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