Two Highway Patrol Officers Allegedly Destroyed The Side Mirror Of This Taxi Driver

Two Highway Patrol Officers Allegedly Destroyed The Side Mirror Of This Taxi Driver

The Philippines is known for its positive characteristics and being avoided for the negative ones. We are all aware that it seemed every corner and every street of the country has one consistent problem: traffic. Many of us lose a lot of portion in our profit because of the heavy traffic we have in the country.

Our government is doing its best to control the flow of traffic in many areas. Government agencies such as LTO are creating stricter rules and regulations when it comes to land transportation. MMDA is very keen in making sure that the sidewalks are being used for their function. Even the PNP also created a special task force that will enforce the rules and regulations we have for our land travelers.

PNP formed their HPG or Highway Patrol Group. HPG has the same function with MMDA, only they are entitled to be stricter in enforcing road discipline. MMDA do not have the right to arrest a law-breaking citizen. They will have to call police officers to do the arrest. On the other hand, PNP HPG are allowed to do so, given that the provisions suggest that a citizen must be taken to police custody.

The same goes with confiscating licenses. MMDA officers only have certain grounds before they are able to confiscate a driver’s license. Meanwhile, HPG have their own rule. PNP HPG officers who issue MMDA tickets may not confiscate drivers’ licenses, but PNP HPG officers who issue LTO tickets can confiscate drivers licenses”, explains PNP HPG Director Chief Supt. Gunnacao.

But recently, a social media user called out two HPG officers after allegedly hitting his sidemirror when he actually pulled off at the side of the road to give way to them.

“Panourin nyo po ang kaEPALAN ng HPG escort sakin kaninang umaga.
Kaninang umaga, Oct. 19, 2018 mga bandang 11AM, binabagtas ko ang Andrews Ave. galing terminal 4 may narinig ako na wangwang ng High Patrol at agad akong tumabi bilang pagpapakita ng respeto dahil baka may emergency. Sa di ko inaasahang pagkakataon, ung isang HPG escort ay biglang hinampas ang aking side mirror at naging dahilan ng pagkaputol neto at balewala lang sa kanila ang pangyayari at derederechong pasok sa gate ng SUBIC AIR.
Nakakadismaya lang na tumabi ka na nga at nagmagandang loob, hahampasin pa ang sasakyan. Ang bastos talaga at bully ng ginawa sa akin.
Sa totoo lang di naman trabaho ng HPG mag escort ng mga private individuals dahil kayo mga taong gobyerno kau! Ginagawa nyong sideline at naging bayaran ng mga taong ayaw matraffic at maharang sa kalsada.

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