Twitter user asks for retweets in exchange of her baby’s life

Twitter user asks for retweets in exchange of her baby’s life

The internet is undeniably filled with countless of head-scratching posts; we don’t know where to begin. From Twitter posts about ending a cat’s life due to very petty reasons, to ridiculous internet challenges such as ghost pepper challenge, snorting challenge, and locker challenge, many people would probably do just about anything to gain internet fame. But this tweet from September of last year might top them all.

Asking for retweets and shares in exchange for something isn’t a new trend in social media sites. It even paved way for companies to help those in need. But, the entire Twitterverse were shocked when they stumbled upon a tweet of a pregnant woman.

One user with the handle @saipainting, shared a mirror selfie of her, showing an evident baby bump. She captioned the photo saying, “4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won’t ab0rt it”. Uhm… whaaaat?

Yup, she just asked retweets in exchange of a baby’s life. She also entered her location in “Hell”.

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Although the whole thing seems like just a ploy to garner attention, many Twitter users did retweet her post to be safe. Some social media users also told the woman to seek medical attention.

Shortly after, the “father” of the child replied to her tweet saying that he didn’t know that the woman was pregnant.

“Instead of letting me know it was my baby you decided to come on Twitter with this bull***?”, he wrote.

The woman then responded that it was the reason why she asked money from the guy. To which the guy replied, “You. Told. Everyone. I. Died. Then you sold my dog for tickets to a lil pump concert”.

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Most netizens said that it was nothing but a staged drama. Nevertheless, turning an important matter such as abortion into something trivial is something unacceptable.

Source: Elitenewsfeed

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