Traumatized netizen shares her horrific experience in Hong Kong airport

Traumatized netizen shares her horrific experience in Hong Kong airport

A traumatized woman’s dream vacation suddenly turned into a nightmare – and she hasn’t even left the airport yet!

Grace Ann Bartolome was so excited to go to Hong Kong with two other friends. She shared how it took a lot of effort to be able to finance this trip. It was even a challenge to get their leaves approved because they planned to stay in Hong Kong for some time.

Everything started out fine. The three women got into the plane and safely landed at their destination. But after a few seconds, they were suddenly facing Hong Kong immigration officers. This was when the traumatized netizen’s hell started.

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The foreign officers asked if this was their first time in the country and of course, the excited tourists replied honestly. What they didn’t expect was the endless amount of questions and interview that came their way. Grace Ann and her friends answered as best as they could but it was all for naught.

“Biglang may inabot samin ng papers na ipapasign nila, tapos sinasabi nilang no more HK! Whaaaat?! Nagulat kami! At nagpanic, umupo sa harap namin yung nakablue na polo na immigration officer daw. Nagpakilala sya at may mga sinabi Tinanong namin ‘sir, Why we need to go back to the Philippines?! Sorry pretty ladies but our decisions is final.”

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Hearing this and knowing that all their hard work was flushed down the toilet made the young women emotional. What’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that they have to pay for the ticket that will take them back to the Philippines.

Here is Grace Ann Bartolome’s full post:

Here are the netizens’ reactions to the sad story:

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