This Man Planted Thousands Of Trees After His Wife Died And After Several Years, They Were Left Amazed

This Man Planted Thousands Of Trees After His Wife Died And After Several Years, They Were Left Amazed

It was back in 1962 when a couple named Janet and Winston Howe got married. Their neighbors described them as a happy couple who never got tired in showing how much they love each other. They remained happy and strong for years!

However, some things just don’t last a forever. Winston Howe was devastated when his wife, Janet, died of heart attack. It was in 1955 when their marriage was ended. They’ve been married for 33 years when Janet died. But then, Winston proves that his love for his wife is never-ending.

He wanted to pay his wife a tribute and so he decided to plant six thousand oak trees on a farm in Southwest England. He kept it as a secret to everyone and people just found out about what he did, 17 years later.

Andy Collet was riding a hot air balloon one day in 2012 when he noticed something that truly blew her away. He was floating up in the sky when he reached a forest in Southwest England. When he tried to look down, instead of getting scared, he felt glad! He saw a heart-shaped meadow from the sky!

The heart-shaped grassland is being surrounded by the oak trees, the same oak trees that Winston planted 17 years ago! This heart-shaped land just proved how much he loves his wife Janet and it was obviously a unique declaration of his love.

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“You can just imagine the love story. I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer, but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky,” He said in an interview

Winston then stated that the bottom of the heart points out to the farm where Janet grew up.

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“It’s a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years.”

Source: YouTube

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