This Girl's Live-In Partner For 12 Years Cheats With Her Dead Father's Mistress!

This Girl's Live-In Partner For 12 Years Cheats With Her Dead Father's Mistress!


The heart-breaking story of Facebook netizen Jhuno Gutierrez Almadin caught the attention of Filipino social media users. It gained more than 11 thousand reactions and almost 5,000 comments.

Her live-in partner for 12 years cheated on her with her father's mistress! Yes, it may sound bizarre, but you heard it right. She narrated how her late father saved this mistress from her past job as a prostitute in Cubao and gave her a brand new life.

The father died recently last March 6 and Jhuno expressed her anger towards the couple because they have no respect for her father's sudden death.

Jhuno created the post not just to shame the mistress but to also pay tribute to her father who clearly did not deserve what he got. He gave her everything, including their money. She said that the mistress fooled their family into thinking that she really loved him.

Netizens sympathized with Jhuno for her loss and the infidelity of her former partner. Some got agitated and even said that the mistress should've been the one who died instead of her father.

However, others believe that public shaming is still not a good act or revenge.

"I know whatever happened probably hurt a lot of people, destroyed relationship and will forever damage the life of those involve. However, public shaming is just another way of bullying and is never the answer nor the right way on how to handle personal problems." (Lena Marie Paladinight)




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