These longtime best friends find out they are actually brothers!

These longtime best friends find out they are actually brothers!

They say a best friend can be like a brother or a sister for life. So, how would you react if you found out the friend you’ve known for years was actually your sibling all along? Well, these two best friends recently discovered some special between them. It turns out they were brothers, and they couldn’t be more overjoyed!

Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson were friends for well over six decades before they finally found out that they were related. Not only related, but it turned out they were siblings.

Their friendship started in high school when they played football together, and soon, they were inseparable.

After 60 years of friendship, Robinson and Macfarlane discovered that the reason why they have been so close all along was because they share the same DNA.

Macfarlane was adopted when he was a baby. Thus, it was only recently when he thought about tracking his biological father by doing through a DNA test. However, he soon found out that he could be related to over 800 people. His daughter went through the list of potential relatives to find the one with the highest match rate.

The closest match he got was a half-brother, who went by the username “Robi737”. Macfarlane’s wife remembered that Robinson used to fly 737’s for Aloha Airlines, and everyone used to call him Robby back then. She then suggested that her husband call his best friend, and it turned out that he was, indeed, Robi737!

“I knew it when we compared hairy forearms!” Macfarlane jokingly exclaimed.


Source: readersportaltoday


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