Netizen on Facebook: “Thank you God, our almighty creator”

Netizen on Facebook: “Thank you God, our almighty creator”

We will never know when certain misfortune will enter our lives. Sometimes it’s a simple accident or a really serious unfortunate event. But what is important is to appreciate life and trust in God our almighty creator most importantly.

Recently, a certain social media user named Glo Balay-Odao Cadap shared her most unforgettable experience via Facebook. In a lengthy post, she revealed how her son and his family escaped their certain doom from a freak vehicular accident. 

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In her own words, she thanked the God our almighty creator for protecting her loved ones from the unwanted situation.

“We praise and glorify you our ALMIGHTY FATHER for protecting/shielding our son Jef and his family from harm. Thank you FATHER GOD a. for giving our son the courage, bravery, strength and presence of mind so he was able to forcibly open the locked door of the car and was able to rescue his family.”

In fact, she even revealed that her son and his family only received minor injuries. This was despite what happened to them along the road.  As it turned out, she said a big boulder hit her son’s vehicle.

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She sent her utmost gratitude to the family who rushed her daughter-in-law and grandchild to the hospital. Also, she even appreciated all the concern people including their relatives and friends.

“We would like to express our thanks to Mr. Ambrocio Bonuan and his family, owner of the car with plate number UBD318, who brought Gyn and the two kids at Pines Hospital.”

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In case you want to read the entire Facebook post, you can read it below.


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