Talyer Bae from Cavite woos thirsty netizens with his hunky body

Talyer Bae from Cavite woos thirsty netizens with his hunky body

Car troubles are one of the worse things that could happen to any driver but getting your engines fixed by this good looking mechanic from Cavite is probably one of the best things that could happen in your life.

The photos of the so called “Talyer Bae” caught plenty of females and a couple of men in a social media buzzing. It all started when a certain Aki Baroma posted photos of her sizzling encounter with the hunky mechanic from Bacoor.

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In a Facebook post about the Talyer Bae, the lucky netizen shared that he did not expect his trip to the repair shop to be this exciting. He said his tita woke him up to ask him to go with her to the neighborhood talyer.

Barely up, his tita practically dragged him to the repair shop without even having his morning coffee. He realized however that he wouldn’t need a cup of joe as the muscular mechanic greeted them.

Talyer Bae’s god-like physique got Aki up and awake without his usual caffeine fix. The repair shop snack had him filled for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

Aki joked that he could spend the whole day at the repair shop, watching over the “car” since no one can be sure how long repairs could take. .


Naturally, thirsty Facebook users flocked to Aki’s post. They bombarded the comments section with expressions of jealousy and admiration to both Aki and the Talyer Bae. Some even felt the need to get a cup of rice to partner with the yummy “ulam” that he is.

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