Stadium watchman catches a ghost on camera, makes him quit his job

Stadium watchman catches a ghost on camera, makes him quit his job

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, some people continue to claim to perceive supernatural elements.

An Argentinian security guard named Raul Arguello recently posted the video that has shaken the internet. He captured an alleged ghost haunting a football stadium in Buenos Aires which is also home to Atletico Huracan, a first division club in the Argentinean championship.

He was exploring the bleachers of the Tomas Adolfo Duco stadium. He was also hearing the doors of the dressing room opening and closing forcefully.
He took out his mobile phone, hoping to catch on camera whoever was doing the act. Opening the door to the dressing room, he found no one. Instead of finding a person, he captured a shadow passing by the benches of the room, crossing the frame on both sides and instantly disappearing through the wall. He claims that he didn’t see the apparition personally and only realized it was there when he checked the video again.

Mr. Arguello said that he is filming everything to prove that he is “telling the truth” about the dressing room door opening and closing. “It’s eleven o’clock at night and it’s the third time I’ve heard this banging noise,” Mr Arguello said.
“I don’t know what’s going on but I’m going to film it to show people later on, so they believe it when I tell them because this has never happened to me before. It’s terrifying,” he added.


After hearing the basement changing room door being opened and closed again and again, he decided to pick up a metal bar and to move forward. Pushing the door open and bursting inside, he saw no one.

“See no one is here,” he declares in a panicked tone.

“How can nothing be doing this? It’s the third time I’ve entered here because of this noise and there’s nothing… no one.”

Sensing something, he eventually said. “Oh God, I’m going to leave. I want to go.”

Mr. Arguello exited the haunted room and said that the encounter stressed him out a lot.

The Tomás Adolfo Ducó Stadium was contacted for a comment but did not respond.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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