The 'Mathematics of Love' By Vice Ganda Goes Viral! You Will Surely Relate To This! Must Watch!

The 'Mathematics of Love' By Vice Ganda Goes Viral! You Will Surely Relate To This! Must Watch!


How do you solve a math problem? First, you have to express it as an equation.

If we are to believe comedian Vice Ganda, it is also applicable in love.

In the 'Dancing In Tandem: Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagsayaw' segment of the hit noontime TV show, 'It's Showtime', Vice Ganda showed us why many people find it difficult to arrive at a solution when it comes to love: it's actually a math problem. 

After one of the contestants shared his unfortunate love story, the comedian gave his advice through a math equation. 

"Anong subject ba ang dapat kong pagtuunan para malaman ko ang sagot? Mathematics? Para malaman mo na sa mathematics nagsimula ang lovelife niyo dahil in-add ka niya at naging together kayo pero may dumating na isa at naging triangle kayo," said Vice as the crowd applauded in agreement.

"At dahil triangle kayo, dahil sa mathematics ng pag-ibig na yan, divided na ang pagmamahal niya sa inyo."

The comedian was on point when he said that the guy was the one "subtracted" from his former girlfriend's life, causing the pain to "multiply." 


We all know how spontaneously creative Vice Ganda is, but with this video, he's taken stand-up 'hugot' comedy to a whole new level. 

Watch the full clip here:


While it's fun to look at love through a mathematical perspective, the question still remains. 

How do you solve for 'ex' and 'why'?

What do you think of Vice Ganda's 'Mathematics of Love'? Share your opinion in the comments section below!
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