Siblings thought they hit the jackpot for having a foreigner boyfriend on social media, but later on fall victim to a scam!

Siblings thought they hit the jackpot for having a foreigner boyfriend on social media, but later on fall victim to a scam!

We could all agree to the fact that the innovation of social media is both a blessing and bad influence to humankind; blessing as it helps us connect with old and new friends, means of promoting one’s business or product, and also sharing inspiring stories, but also a bad influence as it is also being used by culprits in taking advantage of other people.

It is true when they say that the internet, especially social media is a very threatening place and one should be vigilant enough not to fall victim to different scam and modus which involves extorting money from social media.
Just take it from the experience of these siblings from Nueva Ecija who were unfortunate enough to become a victim of an online scam that did not just capture their heart but also a huge amount of money.

Many of us think that having a foreigner boyfriend is like hitting a lottery jackpot, some of us dream that these good-looking foreign nationals would serve like a prince charming that will save us from distress.

This is the same kind of mindset Remelyn had when she received a social media friend request from a handsome foreigner named “Joe”.

Based on his social media profile, Joe is a British pilot and his photos are convincing enough to have this kind of profile. But since Remelyn is already married, she asked her sister Noveline to pretend to be Remelyn and continue chatting with Joe.

Since then, Joe has been very sweet and persistent in winning her heart, although they never had a chance to have a video call due to a broken phone camera, Joe and Remelyn would often exchange photos of each other.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

Soon enough they both fall in love with each other and had this virtual relationship, Remelyn did not waste the opportunity thinking that Joe can help them escape poverty.

“Lagi siyang nag-a-I love you. Sobrang sweet. Syempre po, nadadala ka dun sa feeling na ganun. Parang napamahal na rin po ako sa kanya,” Noveline said.

Their hope to get away from an unfortunate status in life seems slowly coming true after Joe offered to send them a package full of goodies worth $20,000 or a whopping P1.8-million!

Joe then gave them a tracking number to be able to retrieve the goods, however, a day before the package was expected to arrive, Joe informed them that they will have to pay at least P50,000 for the package’s tax.

Although their family initially get a hint of a possible scam, Noveline trusted Joe and made a way to acquire the said amount of money by borrowing from their family and friends.

As soon as they raised P50,000 and ready to settle the “package tax”, the person-in-charge for the parcel said that they will have to pay another P250,000!

In the end, despite giving a total of P200,000, the package promised by Joe never landed their hands and worse come to worst, Joe suddenly went missing in action leaving no traces on social media.

It turns out that Remelyn and Noveline fall victim to what they call as “love scam”. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said that this is a very common scam wherein the culprit uses a good looking photo on social media to lure their victims which are mostly women.

After filing a complaint at the NBI, Remelyn and Noveline found out that the photos used by Joe were actually from a German pilot named Patrick Biendekapp who has nothing to do with Joe. In fact, he revealed that he often gets a lot of calls and messages from friends saying that his photos are being used for illegal purposes.

Currently, Remelyn and Noveline are hoping to recover the P200,000 they were able to send Joe after filing a formal complaint at NBI Cabanatuan office.



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