She Caught Her Husband Cheating So She Cut off His Manhood Then Sneaks In The Hospital And Cut It Again!

She Caught Her Husband Cheating So She Cut off His Manhood Then Sneaks In The Hospital And Cut It Again!


A man from the city of Shangqui in Central China went viral after his wife cut off his manhood.

Fan Lung, 32 years old, was caught cheating by his wife. He sent some lewd photos to his 21-year-old mistress through email and forgot to log out. 

His 30-year-old wife, Feng Lung, found out and decided to take her revenge out on the root of the problem - her husband's manhood.

She waited for Fan to fall asleep and then mercilessly cut off his p*nis using a pair of scissors. The room turned into a bloodbath, and Fan was rushed to the nearest hospital.

The surgeons were successful in reattaching the organ through an extensive operation

However, the wife's revenge was far from over. Feng decided that her husband doesn't deserve any second chances after what he did, so she snuck into the hospital room where Fan was recovering. 

She once again cut off his manhood but this time, she quickly threw away a piece his member out the window!

Fan became furious and attacked his wife. Not minding the blood gushing out his fresh-cut organ, he ran after Feng and mercilessly beat her outside the hospital. The staff immediately intervened and stopped them. 

"The first we were aware of what happened was when someone came into the reception area to say a naked man was beating up a woman outside the hospital. Staff rushed out to see what was happening and found the patient with blood streaming down his legs. He was beating the sh*t out of a defenseless woman," the hospital's spokesperson stated. 

Fan lost a lot of blood so the doctors had to perform an emergency procedure on him. Unfortunately, his manhood could no longer be found. He was left unsurprisingly distraught.

On the other hand, Feng was arrested for causing serious physical injury to her husband. 




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