Remembering the incredible weight-loss journey of a woman who used to weigh 660llbs

Remembering the incredible weight-loss journey of a woman who used to weigh 660llbs

Can you still remember the emotional weight-loss journey of a woman from Oregon, USA? Well, we’re here to remind you her determination to gain confidence and a new purpose in life.

Back in 2014, Amber Rachdi’s journey was filmed by the TLC show “My 600 Pound Life”, in which they follow the lives of people who suffer from extreme obesity. It happened that the 23-year-old already reached a shocking 660 pounds, that lead her to suffer just by doing the simplest tasks.

Usually, Amber would only be able to get around places by riding a mobility scooter. And also, the only time she would leave their home is to eat more food with her boyfriend, Rowdy.

After realizing that she already had enough of her unhealthy lifestyle, Amber decided to seek help from Dr. Younan Nowzardian. Although, the doctor’s location is far from their home, the whole family supported her decision and moved to Houston, Texas for a while.

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Amber changed her eating habits and focused performing daily physical activities to drop some weight in order for her to be qualified for the gastric bypass surgery. Later on, she was able to reach 390 pounds and she still continued to stick with her fitness routine.

As of today, the Amber who used to suffer from even the tiniest movement has finally regained her confidence in herself and body because of her incredible lifestyle change.

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