PWD discrimination by Cubao mall guard caught on cam

PWD discrimination by Cubao mall guard caught on cam

PWD discrimination is still a pretty big problem everywhere in the world. In the Philippines, the situation gets really bad. Very few workers in the service sector know what to do when they encounter a client with a disability. Anthony Enriquez posted this heartbreaking video on Facebook, and it is solid proof. It speaks volumes about how people with disability are treated by people who have little awareness of the issue.

The man  is completely mute. He was trying to get into a Mall in Cubao with his girlfriend, who was also mute. First, he noted that the guard at the mall was getting impatient.





See, Anthony first felt the PWD discrimination when the guard got iffy that they were using sign language to communicate. He surrendered his bag for inspection. He was mute, yes, but he knew what needed to be done.


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Unfortunately, the zipper of his bag got stuck, so he tried telling the guard to wait for a moment. Of course, he used sign language. However, the guard was apparently rushing Anthony, and eventually pushed his bag away.






Another instance of PWD discrimination was when the guard started laughing at the couple. Physically, he also allegedly maltreated Anthony by pushing him. Anthony almost lost his balance after this.


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Worst of all, Anthony claimed the guard also used expletives and hurtful words while dealing with them.


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Now, netizens are up in arms defending Anthony and his girlfriend. Sure, some of them would like to hear the guard’s side in all this. However, most have already seen enough from the video. They have already concluded that the guard treated these two persons with disability– unfairly.







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