Priest goes viral for wearing casual outfit during christening

Priest goes viral for wearing casual outfit during christening

The Christening rite or the baptism is an important milestone in a Christian child’s life. Christian parents take pride in witnessing this sacred ceremony, as their baby becomes recognized in the eyes of God and the church. However, these new parents were robbed of that joyous moment because of this priest.

Priests are required to wear proper clerical shirts and robes during ceremonies. This signifies the sanctity of the ceremony. However, this priest decided to break the tradition by wearing a casual outfit during a child’s christening.

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Instead of clerical robes, the priest wore a red undershirt atop his black slacks. He wore brown slip-on sandals, which completed his ‘casual look.’ The only thing piece of clothing which indicated his priesthood is the white vestment he wore around his neck. Beside the altar boy who were wearing white robes, the priest looked remarkably informal.

The parents were dismayed upon taking part in this lackluster ceremony . Both the mother and the father were wearing their Sunday’s best clothes. They spent weeks in preparing for their child’s baptism, only to have it spoiled by their assigned priest.

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Someone took a photo of the priest’s outfits and shared it on social media. The parents shared how unimpressed they were via this caption:

“Hindi kasi kami na-inform na pwede summer outfit, pinaghandaan pa naman namin ang aming mga pormahan.” 

Soon enough, a local news outlet, Pilipino Star Ngayon, caught wind of this bizarre incident and shared it on Facebook. As expected, many people were equally baffled by the priest’s outfit. Some of them even encouraged the parents to report this incident to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

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SOURCES: Summit Express | Definitely Filipino

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