Living organism discovered from a chopped 10-year-old tree trunk

Living organism discovered from a chopped 10-year-old tree trunk

Until now, it is truly a wonder of nature how organisms naturally share beneficial relationships. Trees are the perfect example of blessing from nature which became important not only to the human population but to animals as well. Recently, the humanity saw the surprising after a living organism was discovered inhabiting inside a tree trunk.

It happened when woodworkers decided to take down a 10-year-old tree. After cutting the trunk in half an unexpected creature suddenly appeared from the inside.

Moreover, blood gushed out from the chopped trunk while a black organism slowly moved as if struggling for an escape. Little by little, the creature pushed itself out of the wood.

Meanwhile, the anxious workers around took a step back but still bravely witnessed this incident. When the organism completely freed itself, an unidentified creature was revealed.

It seemed like this crawling creature lived inside the trunk for a long time. Before cutting the tree, the inside of the trunk served as the home of this animal. Unfortunately, they did not only destroy its habitat but also damaged the animal. They sliced its body which made it lose its head.

People who watched this footage had suspicions on what kind of species it was. Since the animal only crawled, many considered the possibility of it being a snake. However, others suggested otherwise since they claimed that snakes would not survive in hardwood.

On the other hand, the animal could also be shipworm, a sea creature boring into wood immersed in seawater.

Watch the video below:


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