Teen mom entombs her newborn infant deep underground

Teen mom entombs her newborn infant deep underground

Brazilian authorities received unbelievable news from an anonymous informant about a 15-year-old mother who entombed her newborn infant deep underground. Police officers from Mato Grosso received the distressing call on June 5. Luckily, they were able to rescue the child even though it had already been underground for seven hours.

The Epoch Times reports that the newborn infant’s family entombed it in Xingu National Park. They dug a hole in their backyard and placed the child inside. Authorities rushed the baby to the hospital where it was treated for hypothermia and respiratory issues.

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When the abandoned newborn infant was found, it still had its umbilical cord attached. Police are still conducting an investigation to find out if the family committed a crime or if they legitimately thought that the child was no longer living.

State prosecutor Paulo Roberto do Prado shared this statement with Sky News.

“We are investigating whether it was an attempted infanticide or if she thought the baby was [redacted].”

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The family insists that the newborn infant fell on its head, which caused them to believe that it had kicked the bucket. However, the fact that the mother is only 15 years old while the father doesn’t want to claim the child raises quite a few eyebrows.

It was also reported that the baby’s 57-year-old grandmother was detained by the police. They eventually released her along with the child’s mother.

There are still no updates regarding where the child will be placed once it fully recovers.

Despite claiming that they didn’t know that the newborn infant was still alive, perhaps it’s best that the suspicious family doesn’t get a hold of the baby anytime soon.

Here are some netizens’ reactions to this shocking story.

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Source: The Epoch Times

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