A netizen shares story about finding a “voodoo doll”

A netizen shares story about finding a “voodoo doll”

In Filipino folklore, most people still customarily believe in the idea of hexing — more popularly known as “kulam” or “barang”. To begin with, hexing is an old practice of sorcery that uses black magic to direct harm at other people. Moreover, it is usually prevalent in certain remote areas of the country. Recently, a certain netizen named Rubie Anne Princepe posted on Facebook about her bone-chilling discovery near a seashore. Based on her own narrative, she found, what she believes to be, a frightening voodoo doll that was inside a lidless glass jar. 

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According to her, she and her cousin were just spending a day near the beach. Driven by boredom, they decided to look for shells which they would later use for their photo shoot.

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According to her, the container that she found contains a voodoo doll. At first, she thought of it as a useless piece of an old rug. So, she just threw it and paid attention to the glass bottle instead.

A few moments later, she came to her senses that the dirty scrap of clothing turned out to be, what she thinks, is a witch’s weapon. According to her, the container of the voodoo doll was already opened when she noticed it.

“Kasi hindi mo talaga aakalain na manika pala yan kung hindi mo titigang mabuti. So tinawag ko yung pinsan ko, Pinakita ko sa kanya akala kasi namin peke ‘yan. Hindi namin alam na totoo pala.”

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Here is the entire Facebook post below!


Netizens, on the other hand, expressed their reactions on the comment thread.

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