Meet Manop Nuttayothin, the man who has two beautiful wives

Meet Manop Nuttayothin, the man who has two beautiful wives

While most of us struggle to find our life-long partners, Manop Nuttayothin, on the other hand, is definitely winning in life.

This Thai national’s story went viral after his wife, Warissara Poksrichan, posted a photo of them together on Valentine’s Day. And when I say them, I meant Manop, Warissara, and Nattaya Tongpan, the man’s other wife.

Not only is Manop lucky to have two ladies by his side, but his wives are also equally stunning! Both women are quite young, with Warissa being 32 years old while Nattaya is 26.

Though originally, Manop had three wives. Unfortunately, his first wife is no longer with us. After passing, Manop and Warissara lived together with their children. 10 years later, he met Nattaya and she also became his wife.

With their big family of 12, Manop makes sure that his children are well taken care of. He retails car parts of race cars in Thailand. His income must be large enough to support all of them!

And unlike most relationships where jealousy always comes to play, Warissara and Nattaya never argued.

“It’s all about understanding. We love each other. We care about each other. Because of that, we’re happy. I really believe so,” Warissara said.

“I make sure I treat the two of them equally. We do the same things. We do everything at the same time. It’s the best,” Manop explained.

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Aside from these, their secret in maintaining their relationship is through good communication.

“Whenever there’s problem, I talk to them about it on that same day,” he said.

When asked how much money does Manop give to his wives, Nattaya dismissed the question. She said that their relationship has got nothing to do with money and added that the only people Manop spoils are their children.

“That’s true. For the kids, he gives them 100 percent. For the wives, if we asks him for THB1,000, he’ll only give us THB200,” Warissa added.

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