Meet Autralia’s caveman Angelo Mastroprieto and his famous rock house

Meet Autralia’s caveman Angelo Mastroprieto and his famous rock house

The invention of robot vacuums, solar panels, and central heating are proof that life is easier with technology. It makes people do chores faster without even breaking a sweat. Almost everyone dreams of having a house with high-tech facilities. However, there are some people who don’t wish to live in a completely “modern” house. Some choose to live in simple homes with only the bare necessities like running water and electricity. This Australian businessman will prove that living like a “caveman” is not so bad after all.

Angelo Mastropietro lives in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. He left his comfortable life in the land down under to live a more interesting lifestyle in Europe.

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Angelo discovered the place that changed his life ten years prior to when he actually found a use for it. He was riding around with his bike when rain suddenly began pouring. So, he sought shelter in a nearby cave.

After a decade, Angelo found out that he has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His diagnosis made him put his life into perspective and make the most out of it. He decided to purchase the 250-million-year-old cave that once sheltered him from a storm.

He spent about a 1,000 back-breaking hours of cutting burrowing heavy stones to build a beautiful house that soon got the attention of many people online. His rock house cost him £160,000 to make it fabulous and modern.

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Despite it being situated in the most unusual of places, it features modern technology that would make anyone want to live in it forever. It has a luxurious rainfall shower paired with a heated towel rack, as well as Wi-Fi for everyone to use to share their house rock experience.

“I think when you’re actually here and you see it in person, you get a feel for the place. You know people have literally been in tears. So I feel incredibly happy.”

Angelo’s caveman rock house soon became famous, with several TV shows and websites featuring it’s cozy, natural vibe. It’s not surprising that internet users feel so fascinated over this unique living space.

Watch more of Angelo’s rock house in the video below.

Would you be willing to live in a cave like Angelo Mastropietro?

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Source: Newsner | Daily Mail

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