Man didn’t expect to find tiny fishes inside the mouth of his expensive Arowana

Man didn’t expect to find tiny fishes inside the mouth of his expensive Arowana

According to Good Times, the Arowana fish, whose scientific name is scleropages formosus, is a truly remarkable fish. These beautiful fishes are considered “living fossils.” A type of this species first appeared on Earth 79 million years. This claim was written on Wikipedia. The arowana is a popular pet in Asia because people believed they bring good luck to those who own them.

The Arowana deserves to be admired because apart from how it swims so effortlessly, their exterior seems to be made of gold. Their bodies shimmer in the water and people believe that it symbolizes wealth. This fish truly is an ornamental beauty.

There’s no question that purchasing a fish like this takes a lot of money. So, when an owner put his newly purchased Arowana in an aquarium and saw that it didn’t open its mouth, he panicked. The man was sure that fish need to open their mouths to breathe and was scared that his investment was going to end its life.

He forcefully pried the fish’s mouth open and was surprised to see plenty of tiny fishes. At first, the worried owner thought that they were leftovers but upon closer inspection, they were actually baby fishes!

Apparently, the arowana he bought was a mommy fish!

Watch the video below to see this strange but normal behavior from this stunning sea creature:

While unexpected, the extra baby fishes will surely bring this pet owner more good luck!

Sources: Good Times

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