“Kind-hearted” woman allegedly found this abandoned baby, turns out she’s the mother

“Kind-hearted” woman allegedly found this abandoned baby, turns out she’s the mother

Parenthood is such an easy word to read, but is actually a hard thing to do. Of course, becoming a parent is hard work. That’s why a lot of “accidental” parents have the tendency to set their babies up for adoption or even abandon them in the most random places. A story is trending all over social media – about a supposed “Good Samaritan” who found this abandoned baby. Likewise, you wouldn’t believe the identity of this “kind-hearted” woman.

According to the report by Asia One, a baby was found in a pile of garbage at the Thai Mitsuwa Company in Pathum Thani District, Thailand on May 9th. The person who found the little girl was a 31-year-old woman. According to a report by The Nation, she claimed that she was riding a motorcycle with her daughter when they passed a garbage pile. Her daughter saw the abandoned baby moving under a piece of cloth. The little girl’s umbilical cord was still attached. She surrendered the baby to the proper authorities.

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However, the twist was that she was the mother all along! Reportedly, the woman came back right and confessed what actually happened. She claimed she made up the whole story because she didn’t have enough resources and the capability to raise the child. After telling the police her story, she then agreed to take the baby back to Pathum Thani Hospital‘s care and vowed to take good care of the baby. The police refused to press charges against her since she decided to take responsibility of the baby and her actions.

Hopefully, she’ll learn how to live with her responsibilities as a mother.

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SOURCE: Kicker Daily | Asia One | The Nation

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