WATCH: Isang Lalaking Bigla Na Lang Kumanta Gamit Ang Mic Sa Counter Ng Jollibee

WATCH: Isang Lalaking Bigla Na Lang Kumanta Gamit Ang Mic Sa Counter Ng Jollibee

The Philippines is a place where something interesting is always bound to happen. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we Filipinos can find things to do even in the simplest of situations. Aside from this, we are also known as some of the most active social media users. This is most likely the reason why a lot of things go viral in our country. Recently, the perfect mix of these conditions made a local Jollibee branch go viral.

One day. netizen Charles Cereza headed out with his friends to Jollibee Daet. As they were waiting in line, they probably got bored and looked for something interesting to do. After much deliberation, they eventually found what they were looking for.

Charles decided to step aside and become the cameraman for the master plan. Later on, one of his friends approached the microphone that was on the counter. After a few more moments, his friend started singing the song “All My Life” into the microphone.

This was, of course, a very unusual thing to witness in a public place. Charles could not control his laughter while the whole situation was happening. To add to that, the random person standing beside his friend could not help but laugh as well. What made it even funnier was that he was not stopped by the Jollibee staff who were casually carrying on with their business. This was certainly a different form of entertainment.

The netizen posted the video online and it instantly blew up. It got around 2,000,000 views, a whole lot of shares, and comments from all over the nation. Some people in the comments section even mentioned that what they had just seen “made their day.” Later on, people found out that the name of Charles’ friend on Facebook is Timoner Jeffrey.

The humor that we Filipinos have is certainly one trait that a lot of people notice. At times, they are admittedly out of place and tend to go a little bit overboard. On the other hand, when done at the right time,  “Pinoy humor” is certainly one of the funniest things out there. For me, this trait is a reminder that no matter how hard it gets in our 3rd world country, we always have reasons to smile. We should just remember that it should be done in the right places at the right moments.

Watch the video here!


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